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SOHO FOUNDRY, art gallery & community centre, projected to start 2019

1st May 2018   Berwick Street market – a history in photos


14th August 2015  Bugger off!  WE EXTRA 14-8-2015                                   (Click on this to enlarge)

April 2014      Goto SOHO FOUNDRY – 21st August 2012 for latest!

Berwick Street Community Group (BSCG) is a voluntary group chaired by Mark Teverson who also started the Attlee Youth Project with the charity the Attlee Foundation, London E1, and the Foundry project for local artists in Shoreditch, London EC2. He also started and ran Soho Studios London W1 and did a MSc postgraduate degree in Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London and now an MA in Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London

The BSCG office is on Berwick Street in Soho, London W1.

The office address is:   9  Berwick Street, London W1F 0PJ

BSCG is a loose association of individuals that live and/or work in the area of Soho, and was formed in May 1996

Mark Teverson chairs the group

Activities have included:

Soho Community Pottery, A History of Soho (limited edition), Soho Arts Festival, Berwick Street – A Short Film. BSCG  avails itself to assist local groups, individuals and businesses to further the good of the area

Berwick Street runs from Oxford Street down to Peter Street (the proposed home of Soho Foundry). Berwick Street is home to Berwick Street market in the southern section of the street. It is open mon-sat     (pic. July 2011)

Letter to West End Extra 1/7/2011 by Mark Teverson  (Click mouse on pic)

BSCG is currently negotiating a change of planning use of a building in Soho with a view to starting an art gallery/event space for local projects, a need strangely absent in this area of London which contains so much cultural and community activity. This is Soho Foundry. Soho has always been a centre for innovation in many areas of human adventure

Apart from exhibiting fine art and sculpture, the aim is to also provide a small restaurant and communal space. To our knowledge, Soho has not had a jumble sale or community noticeboard in living memory! The Soho Festival every July, organised by the Soho Society, is the only community run project that remotely comes near. This project will assist in balancing the increasingly corporate bias of Soho of the last 25 years

  City Hall, Victoria St SW1 The home of the Westminster town planners

The gallery project will need to compete with other commercial bodies seeking possession of the building that BSCG is seeking to renovate. The plans for our application have been drawn by architect Ronald Cottee, and the submission to Westminster planning department was advised by Peter Baird of Planning Aid for London

CURRENT SITUATION ……The planning application for change of use was ‘validated’ by Westminster council planning department on 22nd February 2012. A decision usually takes a further 2-3 months. It may then be referred to a ‘full committee’. To inspect our application, goto Westminster planning applications, search the Soho Foundry postcode W1F 0HS or goto APPLICATION.

Goto the post SOHO FOUNDRY 21st August 2012 for absolutely up to date information

12/01059/FULL | Use as community art gallery (Class D1) and ancillary café (Class A3). | School Keepers House 15 Peter Street London W1F 0HS

Proposed opening late autumn 2012 pending negotiation with freeholders


MARKET RESTAURANTS ‘MISS OUT’ (West End Extra 6th March) (letter sent 10th April 2012)

I read with interest your article on Berwick Street market’s increase in food stalls encroaching on the business of established restaurants. As chairperson of Berwick Street Community Group, I wrote to Westminster council on this matter in September last year. On receiving no response, I rang the office regarding these matters, and was told the market inspector would contact Mr Bernia at Bar du Marche to discuss his grievances. The inspector never visited.

There was a further matter regarding potholes outside his restaurant. After rain, these would fill with water and splash diners eating at tables outside. These two tables require high commercial rates, but were clearly unusable for these times. The simple task of filling the holes has not been achieved after 6 months, though council taxes have been charged.
The council’s wish to reinvigorate our dying market seems to require more care and attention!

Mark Teverson (Chair)

     (Click mouse on pic)






Mark Teverson started and ran the Attlee Foundation’s primary project (registered charity no. 1087259)

As project director, he founded and ran the Attlee Youth Project on Commercial Street, London E1 in March 1980
Disabled children from Tower Hamlets & Hackney
Local children. Mainly Bengali from Whitechapel
Affiliated with Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street E1
Mark Teverson hosted the inauguration with Margaret Thatcher (the sitting prime minister) 11th July 1980
Staffing levels 6-12 co-workers. Large building + one acre site on the edge of City of London. The brief entailed much outreach work in the community for Mark & the key workers, particularly Noor, Sally and Peter

Project Director: Mark Teverson

Key workers: Sally Aitken, Noor, Doug Turnbull, Phil Burton, Peter Sutcliff ( the next project director)

Close links to local schools and special schools in Tower Hamlets and Hackney

  1980 Mark Teverson with local kids and a volunteer

  11th July 1980 A word in your ear.                                                                  (Pic via News of the World, 26th March 1989. Go to STUFF for lots of juicy associated material)

Inauguration by premier Margaret Thatcher. Mark Teverson (arrowed) and John Profumo (then chairman at Toynbee Hall) with a director of the Variety Club of Great Britain (Pic: all UK national dailies 12/7/1980 + local press)

Following the ‘inauguration’, the local press and the Evening Standard published a report that Jesus was alive and working with children in the Whitechapel community! I considered a political career commencing with standing as a councilor for Tower Hamlets.

John Profumo (1915 – 2006) was defence minister in the Macmillan Tory government in 1963 when the scandal in 1963 forced his resignation and contributed to their defeat by Wilson in the 1964 Labour victory. He immediately volunteered at Toynbee Hall to clean toilets. There is a bizarre link to the law lord Lord Longford, with whom Mark Teverson received comments on his book Devil Rides into Soho

A reporter rang a side business I had started with my then partner Sandra, Blondie Singing Telegrams. He wanted to do an article, so I met him in the Princess Alice near to Attlee. This was John Diamond, now a respected journalist (died 2001) married to Nigella Lawson. I only realised he was an ‘investigative journalist’ when I rang his office, which turned out to be the News of the World! He obviously found nothing sufficiently salacious!

Gilbert and George lived round the corner. I chaperoned a few of the kids to the artists’ studio. I took them to see the results of their photo shoot at the Whitechapel gallery                                             

The way I got this interesting job should be noted. In 1979 while in York I went for a second interview with David Hamilton, director at the Royal College of Art. I got an offer to start a 4 year MA (Research)(RCA) in 1980, I was particularly chuffed for the offer, since I’d never even been to art college (but I was an expert in ceramic glazes). While in London for the second interview, I responded to an advert in Time Out for this position with Toynbee Hall, starting and running a big project with deprived kids. They didn’t mention the fact I’d be hosting the (much hated) sitting Prime Minister in 3 months time!


The site is on Lolesworth Close, a cul-de-sac off Commercial Street E1, approx. 200 meters from Toynbee Hall towards Spitalfields Church. The street was originally called Flower and Dean Street. The name was bizarrely changed by Tower Hamlets council (with no consultation) around 1982. This may have been because one of the first Jack the Ripper murders occurred in some tenements originally on Flower & Dean St. at the entrance to the Attlee Project site.



Said to be Jesus in the Bangladeshi community, reported in the London Evening Standard July 13th 1980

Breaking news 12th April 2012

To be confirmed……….  The Attlee Youth Project, started in March 1980 by Mark Teverson, is understood to have finally closed earlier this month. These sources are currently uncorroborated. The use of the site freehold  -Postal address now: 5 Thrawl Street E1 6RT –  is understood to still be held by the Attlee Foundation.

After 33 years serving the young people of East London. RIP



Mark Teverson started, owned & ran Soho Studios from October 1983 – 1995

The Soho Music Group (Soho Studios, Soho Records, Soho Publishing, Soho Communications, Soho Productions, Soho Management), solely owned by Mark Teverson, flourished during 1983-95

24/48 track MCI 42 channel desk, 2 x 24″ track Otari, 1/2″ Otari, 1/4″ Studer, analogue machines + digital mastering

Full audio-visual (sound to picture) SMPTE synchronisation

  Control room 1985

Key engineers: Tom Frederikse, Pete Maben, Laura Boisseau, Spitfire Adrian

1983-92      187 Wardour Street, London W1


1992-95      Trident Building, 17 St Anne’s Court, Wardour Street, London W1. Prior to Soho Studios, the Beatles recorded ‘Hey Jude’, Bowie ‘ The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust‘ and Lou Reed ‘Transformer’. It had also been used by Rusty Egan & Steve Strange. Other artists recorded at Trident included the Bee Gees, Carly Simon, Chris de Burgh, Genesis, Brand X, James Taylor, Joan Armatrading, Joe Cocker, Kiss, Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Queen, Rolling Stones, Thin Lizzy, Tina Turner, T-Rex, Van der Graaf Generator and Yes.

The Soho Music Group: Soho Studios, Soho Records, Soho Publishing, Soho Productions, Soho Communications, Soho Management, General Recording Company, Physical Mechanisms (Music). Soho Studios started as a demo/synth/computer studio in 1980, as did the band Apres Sex.

Soho Publishing Ltd., Soho Publishing Ltd., Soho Records Ltd. and Soho Arts Ltd. are still incorporated & wholly owned by Mark Teverson, in addition to Soho Foundry and Berwick Street Community Gp

                                                     6 sided studio brochure/poster (1985) (pix: Dave Brown) (click on the pic to enlarge it)

  Model: Caroline Horton

Clubs: Soho Nightshift, Twilight Zone, Dirtbox                                                                                                    See also Electronic Arts Society and York Musicians Collective in Stuff

Bands recorded: Pet Shop Boys, Phil Lynott, Charm, Bananarama, Gee Bello, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), Dan Ackroyd, PJ Harvey, Steve Marriott (Small Faces), Afrika Bambaataa, Roy Ayers, Janet Kay, Scritti Politti,  Zig Zig Sputnik, Russ Abbot, Tom Baker, Simon Brint (Comic Strip), Jimmy Ruffin, Altered Images, Duran Duran, etc.








May 2014   Got a place to study MA Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London, commencing October 2014. Goto: PHILOSOPHY

January 2014  I need a serious academic qualification in philosophy to apply for a doctorate in the interdisciplinary area of ‘philosophy of cosmology’. I am therefore currently applying for a masters degree in philosophy of physics/science to commence Sept. 2014

October 2013  Checking out possibilities for a doctorate in Philosophy of Cosmology. My section 5.3 ‘Quantum Consciousness’ in my dissertation fascinates me, gives range to the polymath.

1st June 2013 Dissertation now full time. Goto: DISSERTATION

Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Carr, Queen Mary, University of London.

Title: A multiverse review, with special reference to anthropic constraints on the cosmological constant.

Abstract: We review theories for the formation of our universe with its specific constraints of physics from a particular set of parameters. We assess the claim that current cosmology and string landscape scenarios suggest other universes in which the parameters vary, and suggest further conjectures not yet discussed in the multiverse arena.

March 2013  Preparation for dissertation

Mark Teverson, who also chairs the Berwick Street Community Group, successfully completed a short research placement on supermassive blackholes in Dec 2011. This was to have proceeded to an MSc in the same area under the research fellow Dr Marc Sarzi in Jan 2012 at Herts Uni. This was very useful to show I was capable of research at this level (my first degree was 40 years ago, in chemistry – ie. not maths or physics – and I’ve done no formal science since. Chemistry has as much use in chemistry as having done fine art!).
Research area: relation of velocity dispersion of stellar bulge to blackhole mass. Go also to a more recent post acadaemia dec 2011 and dissertation 2013

On the strength of this research, and a reference from Emeritus Prof JR Lindsay- Smith (York), I obtained an unconditional offer at Queen Mary University of London in astrophysics. This MSc is intended to proceed to PhD, and commences Sept 2012. QMUL (astrophysics) is a world famous department. The dissertation for summer 2013 is on the multiverse hypothesis and the variation of the physical constants and is supervised by Prof. Bernard Carr. (Prof. Carr has previously worked with Stephen Hawking and the astronomer Royal, Prof. Martin Rees (Baron Ludlow)).   QMUL Queens building 1st Feb 2012

Mark Teverson previously graduated in chemistry at York university (supervisor Professor John Lindsay-Smith), where he also studied for a masters in philosophy. Mark Teverson went on to gain a postgraduate certificate in education in chemistry and art (specialising in ceramics) at secondary level. Subsequently, he gained a research post at the Royal College of Art leading to MDes(RCA) in ceramic glazes under David Hamilton and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (see below ‘Piscator’ (Euston, London) & mosaic (Tottenham Court Road tube station). NB The maths building, Queen Mary, is decorated in a mosaic based on hypothesis by Roger Penrose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mark went on to found the Attlee Youth Project in London E1 inaugurated by Margaret Thatcher while she was prime minister and the legendary Soho Recording Studios in London W1 and the Foundry art gallery/event space in London EC2 for local artists. Currently establishing the SOHO FOUNDRY

.  A galaxy, yesterday


Friday 18th May 2012

Was made a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society No. 7813.  Burlington House, Piccadilly

23rd July 2012

Visited Fern Storey (membership secretary) and the RAS library today (and the Royal Academy)




Queen Mary astrophysicists contemplate the size of the universe according to Lulu (far right – click on pic to enlarge) 11th October 2012



2nd September 2013 “A multiverse review, with special reference to anthropic constraints on the cosmological constant”

1st June 2013 Dissertation preparation now full time. Goto; for the overall site, and to DISSERTATION for the current work.

March 2013  Preparation for dissertation.

November 2012  This is the dissertation title for my MSc, on which full time work will be June to August 2013. The project is supervised by Professor Bernard Carr, Professor of Mathematics & Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London. Prof Carr has previously worked with Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose and Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal.

TITLE    An assessment of the multiverse description for the fine tuning of the cosmological constant

ABSTRACT    We review theories for the formation of our universe with its specific constants of physics from a particular set of original parameters, with reference to recent work by Weinberg, Susskind, Linde and others. We assess the claim that current cosmology and string landscape scenarios suggest other universes in which the parameters vary


27th February 2013 Some books:  (Click on image, then click again to enlarge)

Preview of “Microsoft Word - TEVERSON BOOKS FEB 2013.docm”