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MA Philosophy; MSc Astrophysics; PhD Quantum mechanics (current)

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The creators and coordinators of La Peine is the description for a loose collection of artists and activists meeting weekly in the West End



11th August 2019

Two weeks now since I text 999 admitted myself to University College Hospital for chronic fatigue. I was exhausted and breathless merely trying to get out of bed. UCH did several prompt tests and scans, and sent me for emergency surgery to Bart’s Hospital heart centre.

This was for a heart pacemaker and draining 1.3 litres of fluid from around my heart. There was also evidence of cancerous scar tissue on the lungs. I had another 1.5 litres drained again yesterday. During the first week at Bart’s, the tracheotomy valve in my throat was dislodged, preventing me from drinking fluids, and this was a major problem till eventually the Bart’s Speech & Language (SALT) team managed to replace the valve. I was then transferred back to UCH. The La Peine close crew have been supportive via messaging.

My heartbeat apparently was half normal and blood pressure very low. My heart could have stopped at any moment. The chronic fatigue had been existing, and getting worse day by day, for two weeks prior to 999 admission.

I’m currently in Bart’s, and discharg will be a few days from now.

14th July 2019

Bastille Day. Memories of going to Paris with Pascale for the bicentiel today in 1989, three decades ago. We didn’t leave the hotel room for three days! I’d recently split with Michelle after only 6 months, and I was still having problems with the major split with Caroline. Music was going well; studio busy with in-house production, and basking in the No. 1 success of Urban Acid.

Bastille  Pascale

6th July 2019

Gay Pride in Soho. Another day of crowds on the streets, which means maneouvering amongs throngs of people is virtually impossible if one’s a bit wobbly on your feet. So, a little housecleaning on the intro to the La Peine page on this web site.


The amygdala is a part of the brain involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure, and the memories of them     Tyrell’s nieces

20th June 2019

La Peine needs a logo, like logo

18th June 2019

Memoriam conference at York, King’s Manor for Paul Busch, my quantum mechanics PhD program supervisor. A wonderful man, a great scientist and philosopher. He passed at the same time as my operation for throat cancer, June 2018.


Nearby Gillygate


14th June 2019

A new beginning. First steps…..

Footprint on the moon

Apollo 11 1969


2nd June 2019

John Teverson, my father. He sadly passed in 1993 of lung cancer aged 64. He was a great man, but unfulfilled. Able to turn his mind to anything and master it. Taught himself to sight read and play piano to a high level, he inspired my childhood. His addiction to 5 packets of Woodbines a day could be said to be suicidal. According to my consultants, my throat cancer is directly attributable to secondary smoking while in his company when I was a very young child (I have never smoked), and my lifelong stammer is due to the constant mental and physical trauma he caused to myself and my mother before she divorced him on the grounds of extreme cruelty. And his defrauding my mother and myself in not making a will, as he’d agreed, to pass to me my share of the sale of their matrimonial home. My mother sacrificed so much, based on this promise; we lived in poverty (he never paid a penny in maintenance) in the (mistaken) knowledge he would not steal from his first born son and ensure my inheritance by making a will!  For his violence, fraud and non-payment of maintenance, he’d be doing 10 years nowadays. Despite all this, I treasure his name, and he took me to Kubrick’s 2001 five times in 1968.

Wedding 3 cropped, screenshot

My parents' wedding 1952. On the right, my mother's parents. 
On the left, my father's mother and sister.


Today, I asked my aunt for any pictures of my paternal grandfather.

Uniform 1  Uniform 6

Albert Teverson

Also today, I explored my own internment, probably Westminster’s cemetery in Mill Hill. I am 64 years old next week, the same age my father passed.

Yesterday, I formally restarted my research at York University in mathematical physics (Quantum mechanics; quantum foundations and information). This is after a year’s leave of absence after my laryngectomy and subsequent radiotherapy in June 2018. Unfortunately, even after a year, I am still unable to speak and suffer extreme fatigue.

My PhD program is an enquiry into the essence of the building blocks of nature, the meaaning of existence. Quantum entanglement and the meaning of time.

I have been unable to work on the Soho Foundry for the last year. However, I am considering approaching a couple of colleagues to assist me – my being unable speak and therefore to make telephone calls and speak in meetings would otherwise be to the detriment of this important project.

However, I am still able to coordinate the La Peine meetings – Art, Activism & Support! La Peine spawns much interesting stuff from its Friday weekly meetings.

La Peine: Art, Activism & Support!


1st February 2019

Seriously under  the weather. Oromrph (for severe pain)(not to give it – to relieve it!) is making me hallucinate. Can’t focus, hearing things. Determined to make this record – it’s a struggle to type. Can’t make today’s La Peine. Trying to get people to turn up – it is a meeting that does not require me.

This is 4am. I keep dozing off. Watching ‘The Blacklist’. 6 series, each serie’s with 22 episodes! TV series are good for folk that don’t sleep much! Daisy sitting on my head, Bigboy curled up in my crotch. Song on The Blacklist – “Our house is a very very nice  house”, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

28th January 3019

Please watch my video. It took a month to make. I’m proud to have made it

6th January 2019

Facebook messages to Sandra (USA)…..

I know we’ve had this chat before. Back in 1988-ish, when I was thinking of having a NYC base for my record company, you said I was more New Orleans (this was while we were dating in the Lower East Side). I think now how my life would be SOO different if I had made that move!

I was writing a track in 1981, before I started the commercial Soho Studios (1983). I called it ‘Passengers’, with a chorus starting “We’re passengers”. Sandra (London) came in and said I was ripping off Iggy Pop. I didn’t even know who he was, let alone the song! Anyways, that could’ve been my biggest hit! (Sandra (USA) used to date Iggy Pop)

4h January 2019

MRI on 28th December 2018 (this isn’t mine)

MRI (not mine).png

13th November 2018

New facebook profile image

Me - blue blooming:facebook


11th November 2018


Bigboy & Daisy 5.45am 23-5-2017  Me, Daisy, Bigboy 23-10-2018     Bigboy & Daisy



Starting to make a rendering techniique of using found clip art icons and using them as tesserae to construct a mosaic. May attempt a self portrait when I’ve collated sufficient images. Go to entry at 16th November 2018 in LA PEINE/Clip art


25th October 2018

Goto La Peine weekly newletter

Pop art me

21st October 2018  I have inherited only the good parts of my father, John – and built good things on them for the benefit of many. La Peine has its 10th anniversary next Friday, and I have passed the worst of the side effects of radiiotherapy, see SYMPTOMS 16-10-2018

5th October 2018  I want to record an old memory least I forget. 1977 Dorothy & I had a lovely house, squat, on James Street, York. I  was about to buy a house at the very young age (at that time) of 22 years to have a mortgage. I was cycling back from my job as sculptor assistant for Sally and Mick Arnup, Holtby, 5 miles out of York. I let my bike fall in the road, and Dorothy was waiting for me. We just fell in the road and embraced! We had a love so pure.


Dorothy, York 1977

12th September 2017 Tyler’s Court, Berwick Street, Soho, today. Outside my front door Tyler's Court, Berwick Street 12-9-2017

26th July 2017 Moved my piano for the 2nd time in 4 days to a shed at 01zero-one audio-visual studios at the Peter Street site near my flat on Berwick Street, hopefully the site whereby the Soho Foundry will shortly evolve. It had been stored at my sister Zoe’s house in West Wickham, Kent. The piano was given to my mother on her 9th birthday in 1937. Pictures show its current home, and with Zoe at the Foundry in 1999.

Piano & Zoe, Foundry 1999     Piano 26-7-2017

1st December 2016 Received unconditional offer of MSc by Research in `Foundations of Quantum Mechanics’ at York University, Mathematics and Quantum Technologies dept. Supervised by Prof. Paul Busch. This represents the first year of a PhD, and will enable me to transfer relatively easily to a PhD in a similar research area at, say, a good London university. I’m over the moon!  I’ve been working up to this for ~ 4 years. My academic life since September 2011 involved the following:

  • York University, MSc (research) leading to PhD, commenced 2017. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information
  • Open University, 2015-7. Modules in quantum mechanics, relativity, maths and physics
  • Birkbeck, University of London, MA philosophy, 2014 -5. Dissertation – Philosophy of quantum mechanics
  • Queen Mary, University of London, MSc astrophysics, 2012-3. Dissertation – Multiverse
  • Hertfordshire university, 2011. Placement, astrophysics

The research position commences October 2017, when I’ll have finished my current modules in quantum mechanics and relativity.

The research area, `Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Communications’, relates directly to my dissertations in Philosophy (taught MA) The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics' and Astrophysics (taught MSc) `A Multiverse Review with special reference to the Cosmological Constant’.

11th March 2016  West End Extra local newspaper today, Friday.Front page and page 2. This follows a meeting arranged by myself on behalf of Berwick Street Community Group and the reporter Alina Polianskaya, with Robin Scott of the Soho Dairy stall and SohoSt, at 8 Berwick Street, on Tuesday this week (see photo below).

A few days ago, many market traders were given sudden notice that their contracts are terminated on June 30th. The rental of the stall pitches will then be administered by a private contractor. There is no statement of the rents for the pitches after 30th June, and certainly no discussion currently with the existing stallholders. (Click on pics to enlarge).

WE Extra market 1 11-3-2016  WE Extra 2 11-3-2016

This is very worrying for the traders on this historic market, and Berwick Street in general. It is further anonymous gentrification of Soho, with no discussion with the community.

7th February 2016. Go to for current activity.

28th December 2015 Incorporated Soho  Productions Ltd. CEO Mark Teverson. Pilot for TV production, ‘The Cannibal Party’, a black comedy. Poster (small)

3rd October 2015  Started a degree with the Open University in Maths & Physics. Mainly online, and to improve my level in quantum mechanics and relativity, and the maths behind them. Made contact with academic graduate admissions at Georgia State university, Atlanta USA, dept. of astronomy, re: PhD. Sandra Pagan lives in Atlanta.

1st October 2015

Wanna? wanna?

14th August 2015  Bugger off!!  WE EXTRA 14-8-2015                              (Click on this to enlarge)

30th June 2015  The view from my flat 6am today  TRENCHARD 30-6-2015

29th June2015 Soho does not have, or want, a “High Street” – & definitely not Berwick Street!  90-104 Berwick St. 29-6-2015  Have you walked Berwick Street recently? Took them 9 months to lay 100 yards of road. Now, the development of the western side of the lower end will be 5 years development into bijou shops, expensive offices & another unwanted 5* hotel! No residents wanted this. All the little shops have gone. Is Soho worth saving anymore? Leave the capitalists, tourists and the wannabee ‘Soho Creatives’ to their nightmare!

10th June 2015 My Big Zero birthday party, at The Vault, Milroy’s, Greek Street, Soho

PARTY 1 10-6-2015   PARTY 6 10-06-2015  PARTY 13 10-06-2015PARTY 8 10-06-2015  VAULT, MILROYS 1  THE VAULT, MILROYS 2 (entrance to The Vault in the basement through a bookcase at the rear of Milroy’s).


1st March 2015  Emerging from the Shadow  Vicky & me March 2015

22nd February 2015 Chinese New Year of the Sheep (with Rebecca Feiner, Andy Bartolo, Dave Brown (graffic artist), Paul Roundhill) DREAM OF SHEEP  Chinese Shaftesbury Ave.

December 2014   Started ‘La Peine’ (The Trouble) meeting group, Friday afternoons, Coach & Horses, Greek Street, Soho.

December 2014 Sandra Pagan with me from Atlanta, Georgia. Happy!  Sandra & Mark Rhythm Factory 1 18-12-2014  Sandra roof 19-12-2014

24th September 2014    Meeting with Peter Large, Head of Legal & Democratic Affairs, Westminster council. Discussing the nomination of the proposed Soho Foundry site as an asset of community value. We would expect the council to support our application, but it could be opposed by the freeholders, Westminster Kingsway College. If registered successfully, the community would have up to 6 months to raise funds to purchase the site. It also has an entry on the land registry that it is nominated as an ACV (Asset of Community Value). My concern is that, should the Tories remain in power following next year’s general election, they may relax the planning regulations. Currently, the Peter Street site is educational planning use, and is of little interest to a commercial developer. If this restriction were relaxed, say to mixed use – for example, ground floor retail and private flats on the upper floors – a sale could be envisaged. I am trying to protect this site from possible redevelopment, which I believe is the ultimate intention of the freeholders. The college was originally built as a school in 1880 and has been an educational establishment continuously since then. We want to make the main college building into Soho Workshops, start-up short light industrial leases for local businesses and artisans, and the Schoolkeeper’s House into Soho Foundry, community art gallery, family cafe and outside event space.

24th August 2014    Incorporated Soho Foundry London Ltd. Mark Teverson sole director

21st May 2014  Now preparing to study MA Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London starting September 2014. This complements my MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London last year. I aim to commence a doctorate in Philosophy of Cosmology in 2015, and start a new book.

Birkbeck College, University of London  QMUL logo

PHILOSOPHY  has its own post on this site

Lord Mark Teverson

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WALKERS COURT MAY 2014  WALKERS COURT MAY 2014  Pix Mark Puertolas                                                                    Walkers Court, Soho. Feb 2013 and May 2014 (25 yards from my flat) (Click on these pix)

19th April 2014      Berwick Street Record Store festival (note the Prince of Soho AKA the Beast of Berwick Street, pic No 2)

DUCK LANE 19-4-2014  BROADWICK ST 4  Berwick Street Record Store festival  BERWICK ST 2

October 2013      Now, a few weeks relaxing, and what next?

31st October 2012                                                                                                                                                        We are the dust of burnt out stars. Supernovae…………. This is a wall in Chinatown, London, pic taken in the early ’80’s. I thought it was some stoned hippy’s spraycan doodling at first. Then I realised what it meant. Now I’m doing research in astrophysics and the evolution of the universe and humankind


October 2012 

21st September 2012  West End Extra (local London newspaper) today                                


Tuesday 18th September 2012

Meeting with journalist re: Soho Foundry and the demolition of that proposed listed building. Get West End Extra (local free newspaper) on Friday 21st September


Tuesday, 21st August 2012

Go to Soho Foundry/21st August 2012 for information on the sub-committee meeting at Westminster City Hall. This post also looks at the case for listing the building proposed for the Soho Foundry as Grade II on the basis of its age and historical context


Monday 23rd July 2012

Went to the Royal Astronomical Society (see pix) library. I was made a fellow on 18th May 2012. Also went to RoyalAcademy, which is also in Burlington House, Piccadilly. This is Michaelangelo’s Taddei Tondo (Madonna & child with the infant St John) 


Friday, 20th July 2012

See for current situation. Something is  rotten in the state of Denmark……


Saturday, 7th July 2012

Went to the Royal Society Summer Science Fair with my chum Dave Brown. This is the library ceiling 

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

At last! Contact from Westminster planning department that we will have news regarding the planning application for Soho Foundry. The application was submitted 5 months ago!

Today is a big day for our relation to our universe. CERN reports on the Higg’s boson


Friday 1st June 2012

  MY BACK ALLEY THIS MORNING. The day before the dreaded Jubilee 4 days of torture. Notice the bedraggled bunting


Friday 18th May 2012

I am now a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Socety (FRAS)                                                                            The Roundel of the Society incorporates the motto of Sir William Herschel, its first president: quicquid nitet notandum (whatever shines should be observed).


Sunday 6th May 2012 – Bank holiday weekend

Application for change of use for Soho Foundry still ‘pending’, but the first stage should be completed within this month. Following that is a ‘full committee’ meeting, where we can have one of the West End councilors and myself able to speak on behalf of our application. There are interesting developments regarding propositions available to be made to the freeholders. Watch this space, and


Friday 13th April 2012

Letter in West End Extra today, along with quote in Zilli front page article (see BSCG)

Breaking news 12th April 2012

To be confirmed……….  The Attlee Youth Project, started in March 1980 by Mark Teverson, is understood to have finally closed earlier this month. These sources are currently uncorroborated. The use of the site freehold  -Postal address now: 5 Thrawl Street E1 6RT –  is understood to still be held by the Attlee Foundation.

After 33 years serving the young people of East London. RIP



Wrote to local newspaper West End Extra with regard to problems on Berwick Street



Finally returned home from a marathon 23 hour journey from Tramore. Tramore is a small fishing town on the Southern Irish Atlantic coast, 14 miles south of Waterford. Encountered a good deal of bizarre Irish mentality! Goto SCRAPBOOK


SUNDAY 11th MARCH 2012

Made a clock today(see SCRAPBBOOK). This sits beside the orrery (an astrolabe of the solar system) I made in Nov 2010 (see STUFF). The orrery was a lot more fiddly



Sent facebook messages to some chums asking for suggestions of journos they may know who could do a report on the anticipated problem of gaining a lease for the SOHO FOUNDRY from the reluctant freeholders. This is Westminster Kingsway Further Education College Corporation, a private company difficult to trace. They tried to sell the entire site in 2008 but were blocked by Westminster council on the grounds that it should be for public use and it is in a conservation area. Our planning application for a community arts centre/event space & cafe should be approved. Our entrance is entirely separate to the college, and we propose to share outside basement space not currently used. We would pay rent and rates, and provide a valuable community resource not currently available. The idea of using some space in the main college building as SOHO WORKSHOPS for start-up artisan style studios has been proposed. The fact that a public facility has been sold for profit and now being in private hands is not now available to the community for whom it was originally built, and is left derelict for 23 years, must be exposed.


Any suggestions, please contact me. Goto:



No comment yet from Westminster planning dept. on SOHO FOUNDRY. The application for change of use to community art gallery/event space & cafe by BERWICK STREET COMMUNITY GROUP was validated (ie. accepted) on 22nd February. The process usually takes 2-3 months. Likewise, there has been no comment from the freeholders, Westminster Kingsway College.

Have just returned from a short break in Llanidloes, Powis, mid Wales. Goto SCRAPBOOK for pics. Llanidloes is a small town in the valleys, famous for its role in the Chartist riots of 1839 which occurred at what is now the Trewythen hotel on Great Oak Street.  This is currently closed and for sale. I stayed in Victoria Square opposite the hotel. The mountains are stunning, and I managed two long hikes with my chum Julian Stafford-Michael.

Ib Arberg 1970 chair dismantled! See SCRAPBOOK.



3 a night, no hookers


21st December 2014 Sandra Pagan. The most beautiful girl in the world! Sandra 1987 Vogue