La Peine is the description for a loose collection of artists and activists meeting weekly in the West End. Mark originally started La Peine (approx. translation, ‘Trouble’) in June 2015 at the Coach & Horses, Greek Street, Soho. Now at the Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Sreet, Soho from August 2018, it has a new lease of life!


The amygdala is a part of the brain involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure, and the memories of them

La Peine

2nd September 2016.  In just two meetings, La Peine produced a flurry of interaction on many projects.

Per ardua ad astra – “Through adversity to the stars”!

• Soho Pop-up galleries. A coordinated approach to short term licenced use of shops and other space in the West End, which is awaiting a new longterm leaseholder.
• Placing of songs with specific cowriters and publishers
• Food for homeless in Ladbroke Grove
• Strategy in NHS workplace disputes
• Gossip about recent, local art shows
• A personal contact with an A-list celebrity with a view to an interview for a biography on a well known film director

Kevin 1  31-8-2018


7th September 2018. The 3rd meet of The Troublemakers of La Peine! 1  Today was also a day of celebration for Mark, as he had just completed a 6 week course of radiotherapy. This daily regime leaves one feeling pretty rough due to a whole bunch of side effects, which includes not being able to eat. But fluids are OK, as long as the morphine’s on tap! Pictured here is Mark’s new sex-chum (the blue one on the left), the mask used in the treatment.  g  Hours of fun await back home!

The radiation seems to be changing me in some unforeseen ways ……. It’s a tough life being a Superhero

DC  b


14th  September 2018

Gideon exposes his Snaak to the group  SNAAK - GIDEONGideon




The Powis Square showing of Performance on Wednesday 12th was well attended by La Peine enthusiasts, but chaotic. Powis Sq 12-9-18-page-001Performance The film’s directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg. Nick’s interest being his forthcoming biography on Nicolas Roeg, on which Adu has offered some contacts. Nick’s script on Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor is also the focus for discussion with Roeg and Cammell.  James Fox, lead actor in Performance, also plays Mr Rabbit (or is he/she?), a baddie in the 2013-14 TV series Utopia, which was also discussed in this La Peine.   Anne Powis Sq Anne Pigalle on Wednesay

Ginty (not in the below picture of 14th September) remarked she was ‘There’, at the original 1970 Performance filming!

La Peine 14-9-2018

After over 4 hours, I was feeling pretty grotty, so I made my apologies early. ANNE PIG 1 14-9-18

Next week’s turnout looks good – maybe we’ll need a bigger venue! Blue Posts


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21st  September 2018

The 5th meet of the radical Troublemakers!


Blue Posts 1 14-9-2018  Blue Posts 3 14-9-2018

Despite the inclement weather, the La Peine army grows!