La Peine is the description for a loose collection of artists and activists meeting weekly in the West End. Mark originally started La Peine (approx. translation, ‘TROUBLE’ or ‘SORROW‘ or ‘PENALTY‘) in April 2015 at the Coach & Horses, Greek Street, Soho. Now at the Blue Posts,

22 Berwick Street, Soho

from August 2018, it has a new lease of life!


The amygdala is a part of the brain involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure, and the memories of them     Tyrell’s nieces

Guernica:La Peine 2

Pop art me



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25th January 2019

Friday, from 4pm to at least 6.30pm, Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, Soho

As promised, conditional on the X-rays on Monday, 21st January, Mark’s buying the first round before 5pm on this meet of La Peine, 25th January. The celebration? He can grunt, after nearly 8 months of no gurgling!



18th January 2019


Ginty and Mark are both in hospital this week (not the same hospitals!), hopefully both for successful results.


Thursday morning, 17th January. Mark had surgery at UCH on Tuesday morning, and he can now make a sort of gurgling sound from the area that HIS vocal chords were removed in June last year. This is the first sound I’ve made in. over 7 months! Whoopee!

If this wonderful state continues, I propose a special celebration at the Posts on Friday, 25th January. First drinks on me – come early!



11th January 2019


WHOOPEE! Life is brill!


la peine


I’m on the side of the angels. Oh shit!


4th January 2019


An arousing New Year beckons!



As expected, a quiet La Peine this week

Jeremy 1.jpg  Jeremy 2.jpg

Nick recently had a TroubleMaker at the Lifehouse Project he coordinates. Nick’s paying his round of drinks when Jeremy turns up to the next La Peine meeting


28th December 2018


Great discovery! This WordPress site doesn’t allow video unless you pay them. But a YouTubelink is fine. Likewise, I can send videos by email using the link to YouTube. Email has a maximum file size of 25Mb. The La Peine video of 21st December is ~ 500Mb, and takes about an hour for me to upload to YouTube, but once that link’s available, it seems it can be used with other media such as WordPress, Facebook and email, which would otherwise not have permitted this, either due to file size or other resstrictions.

10pm Christmas Eve. Just uploaded a video to YouTubefor next Friday’s La Peine, 28th December, ‘La Peine – The Queen of the Night’.


My post on Facebook this evening seems to have attracted a positive response to the Queen’s Christmas speech – her surprise guest


28-12-2018 2  28-12-2018 1

A memorable night! The last of 2018. One love!


21st December 2018

This is uploaded to my  channel for this week’s La Peine. I’m quite pleased with the animation! Click below:



Intimations on immortality (Wordsworth)

” Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:

The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star ”

Nick asked his chum Jeremy Corbyn to pop round to Tesco’s for Mark’s cats’ food and detailed schematics for nuclear destruction of Wolverhampton. Anne’s performing in Soho Square 3pm 15th December (no details available). And, there is a good reason to become a patholigical lier.

bomb    head_arrows_left_animation_clipart

The Wolverhampton project [zero encrpytion]

Anne 17-12-2018

Anne's climax at her performance. Soho Square 15th December, very wonderful!


Le Péage – The Toll! …. La Peine – The Trouble! …. Our times. Brill!

A diary is a self portrait. And so is a footprint jump in the snow. So, how meaningful is an autobiography? What medium is the most penetrating to communicate one’s ideas and thoughts?


New idea. Old one was to make a dot self portrait, and the concentration of the dots (indicating lighter or darker areas) would be made up of images/icons, which at the more microscopic level, had their own message. c.f. 16th November (in my own words)

“We are made up of genes, each with a purpose, sometimes unknown. We are the sum of our actions”  (The purpose of the artwork)

Now, use the palette of the 100 or so evocative images I’ve compiled (see for. example, approx. 50 shown on 16th November), along with text, sound and voiceover, to make an animation, possibly subliminal….  Like sychronised words in a sentence, each word having its own meaning, and when the sentence is put together, those combined words convey a greater meaning. But do you know at the time of watching really what you’ve watched? Or, is the artwork planted in your brain, going to manifest later in your life in a new situation? Task:  download appropriate animation editing software.


The most easily accessible software, available to every Apple Mac is iMovie, and similar is easily found on PCs

However, ironically, WordPress (who provide the platform on which I’m currently writing) will not permit me to upload videos I’ve made unless I upgrade/subscribe to them!

  • Problem. Editing clips. Upload a raw audio sample, edit it to start and end to match the visuals. How?! Goto iMovie tutorial….
  • I want an affair with a devastingly gorgeous Soviet (high ranking) diplomat (no failed Bond girls again, please)
  •  Abduct a small child off Berwick Street whilst the 21st December meet of La Peine is in progress. No French, beards or blacks. Proceed to torture by my Giddy Aunt!
  • I put weekly reminders on Facebook to La Peine members to remind of the 4pm Friday meets. Putting video on facebook is fine, but it takes a few minutes to upload. I can’t post videos on this website, unless I pay to upgrade! Email unfortunately has file size limitations, but I can try size compression. Audio recording by line in as opposed to microphone! I also send weekly texts to La Peine members
  • Update on video (22/12/2018) – I can use my channel! See the video at the top of today’s date, 21st December. Likewise, I can send videos by email using the link to YouTube. Email has a maximum file size of 25Mb.


PHOTO 1 21-12-2018  La Peine 2.jpg


Paul 1.jpg

Paul distributes rock photographs he took – Iggy Pop, Pop Tarts, etc.


I need a clear head! Am still struggling mastering basic animation and film editing. I’ve done it before, moons ago, with Final Cut etc. It’s a hurdle well worth doing. This is 18/12/2018 `



14th December 2018

Trouble making computer animation. When I make an animation, the site on which I made the animation takes it down, presumably because I didn’t subscribe to their site




Me 3 years riding girl

This is me as a toddler, in training for later life encounters


CLICK ON THIS   ARROW   SOMEWHERE head_arrows_left_animation_clipart   Evolution!         LIB FLIP


PHOTO 14-12-2018

A warm La Peine on the 14th, freezing outside. One love!

Task for the weekend after the La Peine on 14th December: there is some software available online to make animation from static images. But saving it, and then putting it onto other platforms like email or facebook seems always problematic. So, I’ll get some film editing software and make my own stop frame animation, and try to get a grip on this!


7th December 2018


The wonder of creative thought bouncing between individuals



My mother, Astral Queen of the Armed Forces 1948. This was like a PC Miss World in those days, and there were still 100,000s of women in the forces so soon after the war


7-12-3018 1

La Peine Friday 7th. A good night, after a slow start. One love!


Below ‘Primal Scream’ one of many vintage posters La Peine member Paul Roundhill has for sale. This one’s £50. See also 5th October in this diary



gif kinetic op pop art animate yes  animation D


I propose an editing together of clips from Strangelove and Lolita.

Viral on Youtube in minutes!


Nick wants suggestions for softwarw to do this


I’ve always had a fascination in making stop frame animation, going back to my 8mm film making days. But it takes so bloody long just to make a few seconds! Gif computer animation beckons.

When Sandra and I split up in 1983 (she left me for a girl who looked just like me), she stole a reel of 8mm film on which there was a couple of minutes of us screwing. Unfortunately, there was also an animation I’d been working on for weeks on the same reel, so I really wanted that bit back. She never gave it me. Funny thing was, because I’d made an error in the stop frame timings (which I didn’t know about because the film hadn’t been developed), the pigeon drawings I’d animated showed the bird flying backwards!




The final act in 2001, where ape makes the leap into making tools. A sexual urge. Evolution. The thrust we make in the Cosmos! The purpose of it all – What is the point?


I enquired to Chris Shaw in Paris how La Peine  members may obtain a copy of his Soho Zine (see 23rd November). On sale at the Art Car Boot Fair, 9th  December, 26 Lambeth High Street, SE1 7AG, £10 entrance. Meanwhile, check out his ‘Chris Shaw: ‘Life as a Night Porter’, Hardcover – 1 Oct 2006′ which can be bought on Amazon

Night porter

Paul Roundhill

La Peine member Paul inhaling Divine inspiration!


I'M PEAKING  Actually,


I took this ‘Berwick Stonehenge’ pic from outside the Blue Posts

Berwick Stonehenge   I will be


Early stages in my next animation clip – string puppets, various ‘actors’, stop frame accessories, cats, etc. (This is NOT a sex toy)


30th November 2018


Interesting idea of Universal Picture Language (UPL). Similar to my idea of a dot – image portrait, where the images insert their own meaning into the portrait – see my palette of images, 16th November

The disappearance of the ‘Soho Zine‘ delivery from Paris smacks of international – neigh! Intergalactic! – espionage!

Soho Zine  Galaxy

Some galaxies, recently



30-11-2018 (1).jpg



           I genuinely look forward to these Friday meetings. We’ve created something out of nothing with a really nice bunch of people!


Chris Shaw’s Soho Zine finally materialises from Paris via the basement office at the Blue Posts! Some pics from the Soho Zine :

Me Soho Zine ` 1992  Me, outside Blacks

Vicky French ~1992  Vicky, French House

Coach ~ 1992  Evocative, Coach & Horses

I used this last pic on the opening night party flier in 1998 for the legendary Foundry

Me, Mark Jones +Soho Zine  With Mark Jones

Note the effect of radiotherapy in the swellings on my face and neck. It could take me a few months to return to the chiseled glamour shown in Christy’s picture of me that I’m holding! Note also that Christy has craftily positioned myself and my ex-girlfriend Vicky on opposite pages of his book.


23rd November 2018

                                     2001 LUST

Blue Posts 2-11-2018 2

Stuart came with good advice on buying property.

No sign of Chris Shaw’s ‘Soho Zine‘ sent to La Peine, c/o The Quiet One @ The Blue Posts from Paris.

Soho Zine

Click on this blue link ARROWSoho Zine‘   head_arrows_left_animation_clipart   for preview on Facebook

La Peine gets its own email address:

And why is Photoshop so hard to pirate?!


16th November 2018

Photo 16-11-2018.jpg

A moment at La Peine


I’m making a palette of 57 found art images. Each image is a brick, or tessera, in a mosaic of a portrait of my face. A self portrait in found images, to be published later,

The number 57 is a jolly play on words, a jocular reference to Andy’s POP-ular Campbell’s soups and Heinz’s 57 varieties

Warhol shopping                                                                                 Andy goes shopping. In practice, to make a reasonable palette to recreate a portrait from found art images, one would have several hundred samples to spot onto a canvas. Janek informed me at La Peine on 9th November that there’s software that can assist me in this labour intensive affair. For the time being, I’m going to start collecting my found art images into groups simply of density of dark colour on the icon; for example,  Scanners  is more dense than   Alien  so the first represents a black spot e.g. T5 T5, the second a lighter tessera in the mosaic, e.g. T1 T1 . Clearly, this art idea only works in a real world setting where one can ‘pull back’ from the composite image, like ‘standing back’ from a picture in a gallery.

I’m starting off by grouping my icons into 5 boxes, graded from light to dark, T1 to T5 (T = Tessera). This is not the same as Pointillism, as the neo-Impressionists like Seurat and Signac used it. Pointillism is just spots of colour. My found icons can’t generally be grouped into colours, or hues – only lighter or darker, and the overall area it covers in a text box. The proof will be in the pudding.

Found this site – Pretty naff. I’ll avoid using the term ‘clip art’ to describe my technique using found art images! A descriptive term would need to describe two things:

  • Building an image out of found images, and using them as building blocks, or tesserae, to form an image in the form of a mosaic. Currently, the individual tessera are icons in text boxes. The border, or frame, of the text box is removed
  • The meaning of the image forms a part of the art work. Hence, an area of darkish T4 images like  Scanners  (Scanners, horror) might convey a different feel compared to another T4 image like  pieta  (Pieta, Madonna and child).
  • Combining those two ideas –

– we are made up of genes, we are the sum of our actions –

gives a conceptual background to the art technique I’m developing. Now I need a catchy name. Traditionally, that’s down to the art critics.

page 1  page 2.png                       57 varieties. Scrap Art.

The software I would ideally want would do the following. Scan in an image. Then, convert that into a Pointillist type image like the tiger but just in black and white, possibly grey tone, dots. The trick is to replace each dot with an image from my collection. This is done by cutting out the dot in Photoshop, then pasting in the icon. The problem is converting the original image into dots.

Tiger dot  Tiger individual dots


Using effects software (free):

Me image  Me - pointillism, sketch  Me - magic cube


Me - eyes

Behind every proper art movement is an idea behind the art. A different Way of Seeing.

– We are made up of genes, each with a purpose, sometimes unknown.We are the sum of our actions –
…… if you look deeper, the cog in the machine has a life of its own
Dave Brown and I discussed using Photoshop’s pointillist editing feature to achieve my aim to create a self portrait composed of found art images


9th November 2018

Friday, from 4pm, Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, Soho



Adu has always been a great facilitator in artistic projects. When I was starting the legendary Foundry in Shoreditch in 1998, there were many times I went to him – for example, someone to do some work on its interior construction, or artists to exhibit at its launch, etc. Not only did he come up with the goods, but the best! Go to this link,  FOUNDRY, SHOREDITCH EC2. These are pictures of the legendary Foundry


F1  F3

Nick and Adu have talked on several projects over these last 11 weeks of La Peine. Nick’s Hawksmoor, Peter Ackroyd script has prompted contacts to Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg (postscript RIP 23/11/2018), and associates of Mick Jagger, plus a song to which Eddie Tenpole-Tudor has shown interest! See the diary entry for 14th September this year.

Mark wants a discussion on the merits of being listed on Wikipedia, and how it is done in a credible manner.


La Peine title image

We’re nearing the end of the first quarter year of the 2nd evolution of La Peine. I thought the title image, Les Demoiselles D’Avignon, may be a little tired now, and along with the theme of TROUBLE, Guernica sprang to mind. Leave comments on the La Peine facebook group, or email/SMS text me. This is the old image –

La Peine

and the new one:

Guernica:La Peine 2

Lawrence, in memory of the Turkish war, WW1. Armistice day, this Sunday 11th November

Lawrence 2


Quite a few apologies for not turning up this week!

9-11-2018.jpg 1.jpg


Rework some of the clip art tree images, but must keep each image independent, so the overall tree is still malleable in future generations of layers.     Triad 8.png

Text box sorry

Celine & Gina stayed till closing time on Friday 2nd La Peine – well done!

Æthelred the Unready Æthelred the Unready

Mosaic 2




2nd November 2018

Friday, from 4pm, Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, Soho

Thanks Nick for the photos   Adu Janet composite




Let’s fly to heaven

....... and steal back our jewels


Walker’s stalk the aisles of Berwick ToyTown


Beethoven’s ‘Ode to joy‘ (click on this) would sound better if played much further away


Cancer ravages your body. Mine was caught mid-stage, so it hasn’t killed me. But the surgically cutting out of my vocal chords by laryngectomy has removed all my vocal communication, and the side effects of the subsequent radiotherapy – hearing, vision, touch, balance, delerium, concentration, taste, appetite, swallowing, … – are severe, and one wonders if it’s all worth it. A sporadic list of the whatnot around the peak of these side effects is at this link, SYMPTOMS 16-10-2018.



Remember? I’m a king, you’re my queen….

….. scampering o’er the Yorkshire, windy barren moors, skittish kitten in my royal finery? Kiss my sad lips    Tank Memories of Thornhill Farm when I was 19 years old


Long days, Whitstable beach. Pic above is the Neptune pub, on the beach. Writing the Devil Rides into Soho, toes dangling in the shingle, sauce bottle to my hilt, the battered Honda Civic parked up on Vulcan Drive, long dawdle down to my private Seasalter writing place


I’m having trouble in finding a university master’s level  course in  ‘How to be a gangster’. Oxford uni do a ‘Gangster films: cinema & media studies’, but I don’t think that’s the training I seek.

I’m going to sort out a way to get stop frame animation I’ve made onto this site.



Triad 2.png

Triad 3

Triad 4.png

Triad 5

Triad 6

Triad 7

I can keep dancin’ down Berwick Street till Hell freezes over!


The only time I have ever  wanted to pray – i.e. accept there is a higher power – is when I thought I was about to die.

I wonder what it would be like to be a warlord in a famine ravaged land, or a commandant in a concentration camp. Lying in a pile of rotting corpses


Who farted?!

BEEP       blockGOD

My organic 3D printer has gone out of my control; it has made too many copies of me, roaming aimlessly over this planet. I have a concrete bunker, 75 metres underground, and an army of 3 million mice

spect  wild

One drifts all day through one’s memories, without really knowing it. While I’m typing an email for example, my memory of my granny hitching up her pinny while I was 7 years old sleeping on the spare bed, or jumping off the roof when I was 17 for a dare, locked in a police cell on Saville Row 4am in 2005…. All  these just wisp by, and we don’t register. Tapestry. So much is going on in our head that we don’t grab

Triad 8.png

In the movies, we’re seduced into concepts like ‘Revelling in cruelty’, Blinded by rampant sex urge’, innit. But suppose you really are a mad knife wielding murderer? Put yourself in that mindset. Jealous with rage because your best mate shagged your bird? The good virtue of your mother? …. Do you think straight? Pure rage….. but this is the essence of our life…the points at which EVOLUTION occurs in the neurones of our brain!!

So much passes thru our minds that we are barely conscious of… headlong processing of thought…. is there some purpose in these unconscious actions in our brains – maybe 90% of its tasks, invisible – something we simply don’t realise is going on? Amygdala

I propose the invasion of parts of Chinatown, specifically the annexation of western Gerrard Street and lower Wardour Street. To avoid the ‘Yellow Peril’, Sunday lunchtime is best for maximum military engagement. These newly conquered lands will temporarily be termed ‘The New Territories’


Our tanks will have loudspeakers mounted – historically, the playing of mind-bending pieces, such as Mozart’s ‘Nozze de Figaro’ or ‘The Magic Flute’ creates maximal havoc

Magic flute

Above picture: A modified armoured vehicle, suitable for Chinatown’s rugged terrain. Die Zauberflöte (click on this for a rendition). Shown here is the character Papageno, a bird/man. The Queen of the Night is seen to represent the Roman Catholic church, innit


26th October 2018, Friday

The 10th anniversary meeting of the Troublemakers at La Peine!

From 4pm, Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, Soho

Janek & Gina are sick, and Ginty’s gone to the Moon. Anne made a special presentation of her new LP, Ecstase …and brought a portable record player and headphones, with a pile of newly pressed vinyl! The record shop next door, Sounds of the Universe, declined to stock it, on the grounds it “was not their thing”!

Photo 26-10-2018

Photo notepad

The power of the word is stronger than sound or picture


“Where you wanna go?”  POOH  La Peine  ?      “Sous les pavés, la plage, of course!”

Anne brought her record player to Soho Square on Sunday in the rain. She played her new album Ecstase to wild applause! Porno Paul, Andy and Tony did a jig! Winnie and Piglet stayed at the beach

Anne Soho Sq 1  Anne Soho Sq 2  Anne record

(Don’t forget – just a few days ago, I was lying in 35 days of excrement, unable to move for 3 days. Unable to eat or drink, constant vomiting)


Orgone accumulator

Wilhelm Reich’s  orgone accumulator. A spiritual concept variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. Orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature. Orgone was closely associated with sexuality: Reich, following Freud, saw nascent sexuality as the primary energetic force of life. William S. Burroughs was a major proponent of orgone research.


“O gentlemen, the time of life is short! And if we live, we live to tread on kings”

Shakespeare, Henry IV, and Guy Debourd, ‘Society of the Spectacle’, and below ‘Leaving the 20th century’ –




William Blake

I must create a system, or be enslav’d by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to createJerusalem


19th October 2018

This Friday, the meet at the Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, Soho from 4pm

Mark has made an illustrated 3 page document which records the peaking of the side effects due to his radiotherapy. This crescendo occurred the previous week. These notes will be available to any members of La Peine at this meeting. Titled ‘SYMPTOMS 16-10-2018‘ (click on this to read it), or ‘Symptoms & consequences of radiotherapy‘,  it’s a record of the worst period of my life.

I hope these days of mid-October mark the bottom of the pit to my life,

the year of cancer, 2018

If you can’t attend this Friday but you’d like a copy, facebook message/SMS text/email me.


Photo 19-10-2018

Adu, Ginty and Nick sent their condolences because they’re sick. Desirée appeared momentarily, dressed in royal finery and riding the fiery winged Pegasus. Tony came for last orders. We must keep going so friends like Anna, Ginty and Gina can get here when working late hours. La Peine – ‘The Friday Meet’ -should be 4 hours minimum!

Anne performing outside the Posts to promote  her new album Ecstase. Next performance, Sunday 21st, 3pm Soho Square

Anne 1 14-10-2018  Anne 2 14-10-2018

Lift the earthly curtain veil to this superficial world, and view the wonders of the Cosmos!


Next week will be Big! Hark this song by Laurel & Hardy (click on ‘song’)

Laurel Utopia


12th October 2018  The next meet of ‘The Troubled’

Taxi driver

End of war

Hope eternal!


This anger in the soul has not gone away!


My first book


Dancin’ in the street!

Several of us are very ill


5th October 2018           Part 7


A very bizarre situation!
    • My old schoolchum Chris mentioned at today’s La Peine that he was reading the book 1984, George Orwell. I thought nothing of that. Anna said she only read ‘essentials’ nowadays
    • Later, Paul mentioned to me & Chris that Chris looked like the actor Jonathan Pryce. Paul was not at or overheard the previous conversation. I couldn’t place the actor as a face at the time, but I can see the similarity now I’ve checked.
    • Jonathon Pryce is the star of that movie!

      That is weird synchro psychic shit or what?

      La Peine; she works in wonderful ways!
      Tube strikes, inclement weather. Indecent spirits. Mark apologised again for being rubbish
    • .
    • Adu and Paul arrange a show of ‘Anarchist posters’ at the October gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, WC1. I commented that my father stopped me taking a pile of Situationist posters I found in Paris June, 1968. I was 14 years old – I think my father thought the customs police would think I was a revolutionary. Ha!
    • POSTER  POSTER 2  Anarchist
    • Funding for Soho Foundry  took a big step forward with Nick
  • Bibi, Mark, Chris and children meet in darkest Carmarthen, South Wales!

Too much is made of smuggling. Across the Channel, the Mexican drug borders, intergalactic cuisine, etc. I propose we should combat the illegal trade in our neighbourhood  of pure, uncut PUSSY across Wardour Street, Soho – specifically, the pedestrian crossing outside the abandoned newsagents by Peter Street, near the Soho Foundry. Old ladies are mules to this criminal trade. They carry Pussy (also known as Pee) in trolley load to some clandestine port – probably squirreling the gangs of St. Anne’s tearooms.

crane  Old lady
Undercover AWAC surveillance, the Terrorist 458 Gran (C class) en route – beware the suicide girdle. Known to MI5 Knitting Circle HQ as ‘Goat’.
Wise men: “War is the means to achieve peace”. They’re wise old dead men.
Caro Oshea TROUBLE
La Peine, or ‘TROUBLE‘, is inexorable, like gravity. (Not probable. A paradox)
Pure ambition. senseless greed. Insanity & murder – brill!
Rothko     Anarchist
Christ C&H
C&H 1998 Foundry flier
There are areas of the mind we will never know. We are not simply biocomputers; behavioural neuroscience cannot explain self awareness and intuition. Read Penrose, Stapp and others. This moment of death is only known once, and never remembered
undercoverunder 2
Deep undercover, night of the new La Peine

28th September 2018

The 6th meeting of the Troubled at La Peine.

Situationists London 1960

The Situationists go to the pub


Mark conveyed his Spirit due to extreme circumstances.

Blake    Hangin’ at the Posts

How do we know what we believe to be right, really is right? An eternal question, of course. Surely, that is why we have jurisprudence in a civilised society? But didn’t Hitler believe in himself, and somehow persuaded millions of others? He sincerely believed in his thoughts and actions, that he was doing the right thing. Is it arbitrary, just a perspective – be true to yourself, no matter where the consequences lead you?


How can we trust in faith? Like slaves to another’s beliefs? Unquestioned

Is there a higher power?



How can we turn hatred to love?


21st  September 2018

The 5th meet of the radical Troublemakers!


Blue Posts 1 14-9-2018  Blue Posts 3 14-9-2018

Despite the inclement weather, the La Peine army grows!

Anne Pigalle’s performance for Performance the film 50th at Powis Square HQ September 12th, discussed at the 4th meet of La Peine: Anne Pigclick on –

Mark suggested he demonstrates his yodelling skills. At the next La Peine on 28th September, he will yodel   (click on this) Frank Ifield 


songs on Berwick Street outside the Blue Posts, backed by an erotic striptease cabaret by Anne Pigalle. Sweetie from the nearby San Moritz club offered to play backup to Anne on his horn.


Nick bonded with Eddie Pillar. Eddie founded Acid Jazz records, at the same time as Mark AKA Charm formed Urban Acid via Polydor.


Mark thanked the group for support in his recent period of lack of concentration & lucidity.


14th  September 2018

Gideon exposes his Snaak to the group  SNAAK - GIDEONGideon

The Powis Square showing of Performance on Wednesday 12th was well attended by La Peine enthusiasts, but chaotic. Powis Sq 12-9-18-page-001Performance The film’s directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg. Nick’s interest being his forthcoming biography on Nicolas Roeg, on which Adu has offered some contacts. Nick’s script on Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor is also the focus for discussion with Roeg and Cammell.  James Fox, lead actor in Performance, also plays Mr Rabbit (or is he/she?), a baddie in the 2013-14 TV series Utopia, which was also discussed in this La Peine.   Anne Powis Sq Anne Pigalle on Wednesay

Ginty (not in the below picture of 14th September) remarked she was ‘There’, at the original 1970 Performance filming!

La Peine 14-9-2018

After over 4 hours, I was feeling pretty grotty, so I made my apologies early. ANNE PIG 1 14-9-18

Next week’s turnout looks good – maybe we’ll need a bigger venue! Blue Posts


Yo may also be inrerested in perusing:

7th September 2018. The 3rd meet of The Troublemakers of La Peine!

1  Today was also a day of celebration for Mark, as he had just completed a 6 week course of radiotherapy. This daily regime leaves one feeling pretty rough due to a whole bunch of side effects, which includes not being able to eat. But fluids are OK, as long as the morphine’s on tap! Pictured here is Mark’s new sex-chum (the blue one on the left), the mask used in the treatment.  g  Hours of fun await back home!

The radiation seems to be changing me in some unforeseen ways ……. It’s a tough life being a Superhero

DC  b


2nd September 2016.  In just two meetings, La Peine produced a flurry of interaction on many projects.

Per ardua ad astra – “Through adversity to the stars”!

• Soho Pop-up galleries. A coordinated approach to short term licenced use of shops and other space in the West End, which is awaiting a new longterm leaseholder.
• Placing of songs with specific cowriters and publishers
• Food for homeless in Ladbroke Grove
• Strategy in NHS workplace disputes
• Gossip about recent, local art shows
• A personal contact with an A-list celebrity with a view to an interview for a biography on a well known film director

Kevin 1  31-8-2018