This video is something I know I will be very proud to have achieved




These are notes written while making this video. It’ll eventually be uploaded to YouTube

Christmas 2018. Today is 23rd December. I’d like to start the basics of a short video tribute to my mother, who passed 12 years ago. I have the luxury of the festive season slowdown, added to the severe restrictions of my current medical condition, to allow me to indulge in a non-essential but personally life  monumental project over the next few days. I will shortly return to my main works, viz my doctorate studies and the Soho Foundry, interspersed with the pleasures of La Peine!

I want to make use of my new skills in making animation from found images, using platforms such as iMovie, YouTube and the website and arts’ group La Peine. It’ll end up in the form of this video (but much better!), which I uploaded about 10 hours ago to YouTube –

I can scan some of the many photos I have carefully kept that my mother passed on to me in a three photo albums. I personally had a revulsion for recording my life in photos or movies for decades, till now!  I can remember some of her favourite music, like Frank Sinatra and Breakfast at Tiffany’s ‘Moon river’ with Audrey Hepburn, Nat King Cole, Jacques Loussier – Air On A G String. Beatles Yesterday. Maybe some Mozart and Bach. Video maybe the length of 3-4  tracks, approx. 10 minutes

Me christenening

Me bath Ma Nana

Pix of our houses, our holidays,  her work at University of Kent

The turning point is that till yesterday (22nd December), I thought I couldn’t present videos on the WordPress platform on which I’m writing without paying them a subscription. But you can if you upload it to YouTubeand make a link, as with the La Peine video above. You can do the same with email (which otherwise has a 25Mb maximum file capacity), and probably it’ll save the long upload time on Facebook.

There was always a big divide with the rest of the family, and indeed that has been passed to me. Her parents had both passed by the time I was one year old, so she had no-one to support her, especially during the violence of her marriage.

Remember – the iMovie clips will focus on the centre of a clip when it pans in and out over its 5 second duration. I’ll initially load the clips as they’re scanned in from the photographs, then trim the ones that require it. The reason is that one can’t always predict how iMovie will process the image!

It’s tempting to go headlong into making it from scratch. But rather than storyboard (which isn’t so easy if you don’t want to draw freehand!) I’ve started by segmenting the film on iMovie with titles of changes in her life, for example, moving to Canterbury in 1966. Editing tools like iMovie allow constant review of material. I may need to upgrade to a more advanced software, but iMovie is adequate for now. It’s standard software on Apple Macs. Indeed, iMovie is proving to be a little clunky at times – I have to relaunch it sometimes to overcome a glitch.

Seeing GP in the morning, Xmas eve, then a drink with Andy. Going to start big scanning of photo albums  after that – this could easily take a day.

I’ll make a playlist of some of my videos. The importance of this (I think) is that at the end of one’s video, YouTube just start playing somebody else’s video!

Another technical obstacle overcome! If you download an audio MP3 and put that on, say, facebook, you run the risk of facebook’s software blocking you for copyright infringement. Further, a lot of music simply can’t be downloaded, but you can play it – the problem has been how to record it. On the La Peine 21-23-2018 video, I used the microphone input and used live audio recording software. Am still working on getting a line in, non-microphone recording. I’ll try making a minijack to minijack lead between line in and headphone out sockets. … 29/12/2018 THIS WORKS! Now I’ve got clean, line input recordings, with no embedded source signature (which can be picked up by copyright computers, like those at Facebook).

10pm Christmas Eve. Just uploaded a video to YouTubefor next Friday’s La Peine, 28th December, ‘La Peine – The Queen of the Night’.

When a raw draft is made, I need to sit back and consider the mood and message of the video. For example, how much of the Teverson side to the family, and the divorce years.

I’m going to make some of the clips video, as opposed to still jpg photos. I’ll just use my mobile phone.

19th January 2019. Not much done on the My Mother – a tribute video since New Year till yesterday. I had a crucial operation on my throat a few days ago to try to improve vocalisation and swallowing. It seems to have had some effect – I’ll know more after X-rays on 21st January.

Anyway, the video is approaching completion of a first draft – I may get some more advanced software to iMovie. There are obvious limitations which make this presentation appear amateurish. So far, it’s about 19 minutes, 1.1 Gb of material, with 6 of her favourite songs. Looks good!

23rd January 2019 The movie’s finished, except for my parents’ wedding photos. I’ve asked my relatives for any photos of John, especially his first marriage. Their marriage was 12th April 1952, but my birthday is 10th June 1955. This seems quite a delay! Perhaps there were problems in the marriage from the very start…

24th January 2019  ‘MY MOTHER – a tribute’ finally uploaded to YouTube! On my slow Mac Pro, it took 10 hours to upload the 2.13Gb file!

YouTube did come back with copyright issues, but the video still seems visible to anyone.




24th January  – copyright dispute

“The movie is for personal use to show to a few friends my deceased mother’s life. There is no financial gain. Full credits are given at the end of the film. No advertising of the movie will be made, the link to view it is by one to one personal social media only. The songs are my mother’s favourites. This is no more than playing songs to my friends in my bedroom


dispute 2

I’ll try instrumental versions next – I think the computers scan the lyrics

my copyright!

It’s only one of five copyright objections, Moon River (i.e. 4 songs are still blocked)

I tried putting up a microphone recorded version, and that was blocked too, but strangely, with a different set of songs.

version 2.2

Am now trying to mount it via facebook. It’s taking ages, and you can’t monitor its progress. I’ll try editing the soundtrack into clips of songs, for example, 30 second segments, and string them together.

version 2.2 dispute.png



26th February 2019 Good news on my video ‘My Mother – a video tribute’. YouTube today dropped all copyright claims regarding the soundtrack. Whoopee! These tracks were 6 of my mother’s favourite songs. Go to My Mother – a video tribute.

Copyright released! 26-2-2019