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SOHO FOUNDRY, art gallery & community centre, projected to start 2019

1st May 2018   Berwick Street market – a history in photos


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Berwick Street Community Group (BSCG) is a voluntary group chaired by Mark Teverson who also started the Attlee Youth Project with the charity the Attlee Foundation, London E1, and the Foundry project for local artists in Shoreditch, London EC2. He also started and ran Soho Studios London W1 and did a MSc postgraduate degree in Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London and now an MA in Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London

The BSCG office is on Berwick Street in Soho, London W1.

The office address is:   9  Berwick Street, London W1F 0PJ   markteverson@berwickcommunity.co.uk

BSCG is a loose association of individuals that live and/or work in the area of Soho, and was formed in May 1996

Mark Teverson chairs the group

Activities have included:

Soho Community Pottery, A History of Soho (limited edition), Soho Arts Festival, Berwick Street – A Short Film. BSCG  avails itself to assist local groups, individuals and businesses to further the good of the area

Berwick Street runs from Oxford Street down to Peter Street (the proposed home of Soho Foundry). Berwick Street is home to Berwick Street market in the southern section of the street. It is open mon-sat     (pic. July 2011)

Letter to West End Extra 1/7/2011 by Mark Teverson  (Click mouse on pic)

BSCG is currently negotiating a change of planning use of a building in Soho with a view to starting an art gallery/event space for local projects, a need strangely absent in this area of London which contains so much cultural and community activity. This is Soho Foundry. Soho has always been a centre for innovation in many areas of human adventure

Apart from exhibiting fine art and sculpture, the aim is to also provide a small restaurant and communal space. To our knowledge, Soho has not had a jumble sale or community noticeboard in living memory! The Soho Festival every July, organised by the Soho Society, is the only community run project that remotely comes near. This project will assist in balancing the increasingly corporate bias of Soho of the last 25 years

  City Hall, Victoria St SW1 The home of the Westminster town planners

The gallery project will need to compete with other commercial bodies seeking possession of the building that BSCG is seeking to renovate. The plans for our application have been drawn by architect Ronald Cottee, and the submission to Westminster planning department was advised by Peter Baird of Planning Aid for London

CURRENT SITUATION ……The planning application for change of use was ‘validated’ by Westminster council planning department on 22nd February 2012. A decision usually takes a further 2-3 months. It may then be referred to a ‘full committee’. To inspect our application, goto Westminster planning applications, search the Soho Foundry postcode W1F 0HS or goto APPLICATION.

Goto the post SOHO FOUNDRY 21st August 2012 for absolutely up to date information

12/01059/FULL | Use as community art gallery (Class D1) and ancillary café (Class A3). | School Keepers House 15 Peter Street London W1F 0HS

Proposed opening late autumn 2012 pending negotiation with freeholders


MARKET RESTAURANTS ‘MISS OUT’ (West End Extra 6th March) (letter sent 10th April 2012)

I read with interest your article on Berwick Street market’s increase in food stalls encroaching on the business of established restaurants. As chairperson of Berwick Street Community Group, I wrote to Westminster council on this matter in September last year. On receiving no response, I rang the office regarding these matters, and was told the market inspector would contact Mr Bernia at Bar du Marche to discuss his grievances. The inspector never visited.

There was a further matter regarding potholes outside his restaurant. After rain, these would fill with water and splash diners eating at tables outside. These two tables require high commercial rates, but were clearly unusable for these times. The simple task of filling the holes has not been achieved after 6 months, though council taxes have been charged.
The council’s wish to reinvigorate our dying market seems to require more care and attention!

Mark Teverson (Chair)

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CONTACT:           markteverson@berwick-scg.co.uk