2nd September 2013 “A multiverse review, with special reference to anthropic constraints on the cosmological constant”

1st June 2013 Dissertation preparation now full time. Goto; www.fundamentalcosmology.com for the overall site, and to DISSERTATION for the current work.

March 2013 www.fundamentalcosmology.com  Preparation for dissertation.

November 2012  This is the dissertation title for my MSc, on which full time work will be June to August 2013. The project is supervised by Professor Bernard Carr, Professor of Mathematics & Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London. Prof Carr has previously worked with Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose and Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal.

TITLE    An assessment of the multiverse description for the fine tuning of the cosmological constant

ABSTRACT    We review theories for the formation of our universe with its specific constants of physics from a particular set of original parameters, with reference to recent work by Weinberg, Susskind, Linde and others. We assess the claim that current cosmology and string landscape scenarios suggest other universes in which the parameters vary

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