May 2014   Got a place to study MA Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London, commencing October 2014. Goto: PHILOSOPHY

January 2014  I need a serious academic qualification in philosophy to apply for a doctorate in the interdisciplinary area of ‘philosophy of cosmology’. I am therefore currently applying for a masters degree in philosophy of physics/science to commence Sept. 2014

October 2013  Checking out possibilities for a doctorate in Philosophy of Cosmology. My section 5.3 ‘Quantum Consciousness’ in my dissertation fascinates me, gives range to the polymath.

1st June 2013 Dissertation now full time. Goto: DISSERTATION

Supervisor: Prof. Bernard Carr, Queen Mary, University of London.

Title: A multiverse review, with special reference to anthropic constraints on the cosmological constant.

Abstract: We review theories for the formation of our universe with its specific constraints of physics from a particular set of parameters. We assess the claim that current cosmology and string landscape scenarios suggest other universes in which the parameters vary, and suggest further conjectures not yet discussed in the multiverse arena.

March 2013  Preparation for dissertation

Mark Teverson, who also chairs the Berwick Street Community Group, successfully completed a short research placement on supermassive blackholes in Dec 2011. This was to have proceeded to an MSc in the same area under the research fellow Dr Marc Sarzi in Jan 2012 at Herts Uni. This was very useful to show I was capable of research at this level (my first degree was 40 years ago, in chemistry – ie. not maths or physics – and I’ve done no formal science since. Chemistry has as much use in chemistry as having done fine art!).
Research area: relation of velocity dispersion of stellar bulge to blackhole mass. Go also to a more recent post acadaemia dec 2011 and dissertation 2013

On the strength of this research, and a reference from Emeritus Prof JR Lindsay- Smith (York), I obtained an unconditional offer at Queen Mary University of London in astrophysics. This MSc is intended to proceed to PhD, and commences Sept 2012. QMUL (astrophysics) is a world famous department. The dissertation for summer 2013 is on the multiverse hypothesis and the variation of the physical constants and is supervised by Prof. Bernard Carr. (Prof. Carr has previously worked with Stephen Hawking and the astronomer Royal, Prof. Martin Rees (Baron Ludlow)).   QMUL Queens building 1st Feb 2012

Mark Teverson previously graduated in chemistry at York university (supervisor Professor John Lindsay-Smith), where he also studied for a masters in philosophy. Mark Teverson went on to gain a postgraduate certificate in education in chemistry and art (specialising in ceramics) at secondary level. Subsequently, he gained a research post at the Royal College of Art leading to MDes(RCA) in ceramic glazes under David Hamilton and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi (see below ‘Piscator’ (Euston, London) & mosaic (Tottenham Court Road tube station). NB The maths building, Queen Mary, is decorated in a mosaic based on hypothesis by Roger Penrose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mark went on to found the Attlee Youth Project in London E1 inaugurated by Margaret Thatcher while she was prime minister and the legendary Soho Recording Studios in London W1 and the Foundry art gallery/event space in London EC2 for local artists. Currently establishing the SOHO FOUNDRY

.  A galaxy, yesterday


Friday 18th May 2012

Was made a fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society No. 7813.  Burlington House, Piccadilly

23rd July 2012

Visited Fern Storey (membership secretary) and the RAS library today (and the Royal Academy)




Queen Mary astrophysicists contemplate the size of the universe according to Lulu (far right – click on pic to enlarge) 11th October 2012