Lord Mark Teverson. Lord of Cheltenham Manor, Nottinghamshire.

Lord Mark Teverson

Family home Taversham, a village near Cambridge. Male lineage of family tree traced to 1537 (when parish records started, albeit rudimentary!), predominantly to the villages east of Cambridge, mainly in Suffolk. (The villages around Little Thurlow are dominant till circa 1900). The prefix ‘TEVER’ is derived from ‘TAVER’ which itself evolves from the middle English (~ 11th century) word ‘TUER’ meaning ‘tower’ (and, of course, the French ‘to kill’!). Another middle English is the trade of tanner, one of whom became known as ‘The Hammer of the Scots‘ in the reign of Edward I in 1275. As for many peerages that cannot directly provenance their title to e.g. a document granting land from the king, the ‘Tuer’ in the Ham is taken to be ownership of the land by the Lord of the Manor. Hence ‘Tuer’s Ham’ or ‘Taversham’, which evolved over the last century to ‘Teverson’.

  Facebook profile pic.   John Dee's glyph


9 Berwick Street July 2011. (My current home 1996-2014) Also office for Berwick Street Community Group

    (Photos 2011)

    187 Wardour Street W1  Soho Studios 1983-92 (Home 1983-84) (pic 2011)

Cat circa. 2005     2011

  Half siblings (father’s side) Zoe & Paul, Bar du Marche, 19 Berwick St. 2010

    21 Mercer Street, Covent Garden WC2                               Built 1688 (Owned 1988-93) (pic 2011)

  66 Marchmont Street WC1 (Home with Sandra 1980-83) (pic 2011).                                                   Kenneth Williams & Cleo Rocos lived opposite (Ken’s got the blue plaque). (I only banged Cleo)

  27 Old Compton Street W1  (Home 1995-96) (pic 2011)

  Derby Lodge, 111 Wicklow Street WC1  (Home with Sandra 1980-81)(pic 2011)                     Now a Travelodge!

  18 Earlham Street, Covent Garden WC2  (Home with Sandra 1981)(pic 2011)

    St. Jame’s Dwellings, Silver Place W1                  (Home with Jacqui 1988)(pic 2011)

  8 Dewhurst House, Winnet Street W1 (Home with Caroline 1985-88)(pic 2011)

    13 Marshall House, Marshall Street W1                              (Home with Michelle 1988-94) Owned flats 11, 13 and 16 Marshall House (pix 2011)

28 Carburton Street W1 (Home with Sandra 1981) Shared building with Boy George & Marilyn

191 Wardour Street W1 (Home 1995)

  51 Heslington Road York (Owned/home with Dorothy 1977-80) York Pottery (my business)


  Diary 1978 (Click mouse on pic)

        James St York (Home with Dorothy 1977)

  32 Holgate Square, York (Home 1974) (pic 2010)


                                                                Turnagain Cottage, Turnagain Lane, Canterbury. I bought this for my mum 1989

                                                      8 Oaten Hill Place, Canterbury.                                  I bought this 4 bedroom house for my mum 1992. I wrote Devil Rides into Soho here. I still buy cars from Oaten Hill Garage. I know she was disappointed I had not given her grandchildren in her lifetime. I probably would have settled with Caroline, if she had forgiven me. The female members of her family had a rare and fatal genetic condition, a one in six chance, which didn’t arise till middle age, and could not be predicted till then.

  9 Berwick Street, W1 1996 – now (2014) Home with Jenna, Vicky

My mum as the Astral Queen of the armed forces in 1948. Remember, so soon after the war, the British army still had hundreds of thousands of troops of both sexes doing national service


In addition to owning the York Pottery and the ceramics exhibitions in North Yorkshire (cf. ‘Ceramics‘), Mark also was chair of York Musicians Collective    and was secretary of the Electronics Arts Society  (under the mentorship of Dr Trevor Wishart)

           My cats

Little Mayton, Broad Oak, Near Canterbury Kent. Home 1976. A beautiful weatherboarded cottage with no electricity or gas. A valley owned by Birmingham(!) water board, scheduled for flooding, and therefore left untouched for years


  My neighbours 2011       Rooftop view


        Fliers for some of my clubs                            Club locations (below): Twilight Zone, Dirtbox, Soho Nightshift

   TYLER'S COURT 15-11-2013  TYLERS COURT 21-5-2014        WINDMILL CLUB     Some sites of clubs I’ve done. (In order from left: Tisbury Court, Tylers Court (2), Walkers Court, Wardour St, St Anne’s Court, 144/146(entrance Flitcroft St alley)/148 Charing Cross Rd, 21 Oxford St.), Paramount City (now the Windmill again).  (Poland Street and 21 Dean Street (ex Jewish synagogue) to come)

  Ground floor (not used) of my club, 21 Dean Street 1995. Two purple doberman dogs came out of the smoke


MY SUBMISSIONS TO PRIVATE EYE 2011 ‘BERNIE THE TOTE’S SEVEN INCHES‘                                    (Ian Hislop, Ed. “No thankyou!”) (Click on the pics to read them)



  This is an orrery (a solar system astrolabe) I made in Nov 2010

  This is a replica 17th century astrolabe I bought on e-bay for £30


Scan-PAGE-7-(A4)-MAX-RES  POP TYCOON PEDDLES FILTHY PHONE CHAT!                                                       News of the World, 26th March 1989. (Click pic twice to enlarge) John Profumo was chair of the charity, Toynbee Hall, when I started and ran the Attlee Youth Project 1980-83. He brought the Macmillan Tory government down by the 1963 scandal while he was defence minister (then No. 2 in the government hierarchy).   PROFUMO - MIRROR 2 PROFUMO - MIRROR 6-6-1963 PROFUMO - NOTW


  On this site near Canterbury I organised the Bomb Crater Festivals every summer, 1969-74. Hired petrol electricity generator & PA system, local bands, fireworks, bonfire and free homemade beer! Legendary

Much voluntary work. Elderly, hospital and psychiatric ward visitor (Kent & Canterbury hospital and Chatham hospital nr. Canterbury) while at school. Various kids groups eg. battered wives, while at York & at Thornhill Farm


    18 Sydenham Park Road. London SE26 4ED (1958)     pic 2011                                                                                                                 My parents bought this 6 bedroom house with a massive garden, Sydenaham SE26 in 1958 with an inheritance from my mother’s father. Mouse the garden pic to see me & aunty Jo (who lived in the attic flat). My father sold the house when he remarried

Didn’t marry an investment wanker to produce low intelligence children

Graham Sutherland ‘The Sick Duck’ given to me at my christening, Sept. 1955. Authenticated by Bonhams, Philips, Sotherbys & Christies 1996. Noted in my safe

When I was 9 years old, I tried to start a political party, the Reformist Party. I drove year three of Sheen Mount Primary School, East Sheen, London SW14 into a frenzy of anarchist revolution

  Me, when I was happy


Probably the most intense love of my life, Dorothy, a girl I met on the day before the first day of university in 1973, and was to continue throughout the 70’s. One spiritual evening in the empty college library I had my head in her lap. I looked up in awe to her beautiful face and said “Mother Mary”.  


  Berwick Street. My house is on the left

ME c.2000  Me + lullaby singing bear circa 2000


Su Malcolm & Gina Joy. The brill key Queen Bees on the Shoreditch scene!!! red 2

At my birthday party, Su, 10th June 2015  PARTY 6 10-06-2015