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FOUNDRY event space & art gallery/bar was started and ran by Mark Teverson in June 1998.
84-86 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JL. He had previously started the Attlee Foundation Youth Project in London E1 and the legendary Soho Studios in London W1
The Foundry was in the Shoreditch/Hoxton area and closed in June 2010
Innovative and now legendary project aimed at local artists and applications                           

Also, the first UK establishment to serve absinthe!                                                                                            Approx. 4000 sq.ft ground, basement and vaults. Ex Barclays bank
Leased to Mark Teverson 1998. Closed June 2010

Coach ~ 1992

This evocative pic by Chris Shaw I used on the flier for the Foundry opening night party in 1998. It’s outside the Coach & Horses, Greek Street.

Mark Teverson’s half-sister Zoë @ Foundry 1999 with Mark’s mother’s baby grand piano

Some of the key characters at Foundry (Zeke Manyeke, Roulla, Gina Joy (Foundry manager), Tanya, Sue Malcolm (Barley Mow – local renowned pub licencee), Pascale (Mark’s friend). (Pic Griffin Nov 2011)

Mark found the Foundry building in early 1998 while looking for new venues outside Soho to do parties with his partner Phil Dirtbox. It was then leased to two metalworkers (hence the name Foundry – not just because it symbolises a creative crucible). The assigned lease had a clause allowing the freeholders to take back the property with only 3 month’s notice. This was never seen as a problem at that time, as my use was for perhaps only once weekly events which inevitably were generally over a relatively short period. Therefore, moving on to other things was no great problem, though the fact that it took the freeholders a further 10 years to rescind the lease was a surprise. The main problem with not knowing whether one had more than 3 months in the property at any one time meant investment of sizeable time and money was imprudent.


Foundry dem 29-6-2019 B

Foundry demolition 29-6-2019

Foundry demolition 29-6-2019

Pic: David Percival

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