Photosynthesis, Kreb’s cycle, pure chance. Twinkling of God

A visit to see Sickboy Pat in Cambridge, Nov 2011 

Griffin near Foundry EC2. Pascale’s (far right) birthday Nov 2011                                                            

An older pic of Gina  & her flat Oct 2011

Caroline cropped Me & Caroline ~1988  Caroline

  Me & Sandra. ~1981 Sandra

Yub  Jessica Nina Jools Jeanie   Monica Michelle   Jay                                    SANDRA 28   SANDRA 1987  Sandra

Vicky & me March 2015 Vicky

MA, DOROTHY, MARK  My backyard, Dorothy, Mark, Me  Dorothy

Me, Ma, Kate   KATE, PIXIE, ME         Kate, Pixie & me, Broadstairs beach circa. 1994. My Mum took the pic

ME c.2000 Me + lullaby singing bear circa. 2000. I am about to do a bear transplant of the wind-up Beethoven’s ‘Lullaby’ mechanism

(Jenna is coming. Kate hated her photo being taken)

My card I made for Xmas 2011     Christmas 2012  SUN IMAGE                  Christmas 2013 L'Atmosphere

Some posts I put up on Facebook:                                                  .                                                                       “Should have seen the other guy!” 

Girlfriend on duty 

  Lord Mark Teverson, Lord of Cheltenham Manor, Notts. UK (Pic taken while detained at customs. Two days filming feature length biopic in Hollywood lost).

Some gallery across the river. + Porno Paul (‘The Ripper of Old Compton Street’)     Pic Jack Ludlam

BREAKING NEWS… Soho Foundry planning application ‘validated’ by Westminster council February 22nd 2012. Decision approx. 3 months. Lease pending on the reluctant freeholders. More pics to follow – goto SOHO FOUNDRY

  Pics Jack Ludlam 1/1/2012


3rd – 6th March 2012 short stay in Llanidloes, Powis, mid Wales. A small town in the villages, reached by only 3 buses a day out of Aberystwyth, 30 miles west. Stayed on the floor of my chum Julian Stafford-Michael, who recently moved there. These pics from two whole day treks in the mountains


Welsh humour. It takes longer to get to Llangurig by bike! (Click mouse on pic)

The site of the Chartist riots of 1839


To make room for my new gym equipment, I’ve been forced to dismantle my cherished Kelly Ib Arberg ‘Parrot’ chair. Made in Sweden in 1970, I bought this iconic designer chic on Beak Street, Soho in 1988 and made it central in my then flat at Marshall House. I intend to rebuild it in SOHO FOUNDRY and place it alongside my Mum’s baby grand piano (see FOUNDRY)

Made a clock early March which sits beside the orrery I made in Nov 2010


Some places seen from the train in which I’d like to live:                                                              


Went on an emergency mercy mission to Tramore, Eire to see my chum Nick Waller on 16th March 2012. Tramore is a small fishing town 14 miles south of Waterford on the Atlantic coast                                         Standin’ by a neolithic standing stone                                                                                   The first floor exit from Murphy’s off licence (Irish humour)


Fun & games at Porno Paul’s basement sex shop, and the mooning incident prior to it (click for YouTube vids caught on mobile)


PELLICCI'S Pellicci’s Polish cafe, Bethnal Green Road, Feb. 2013. Check the guy in the middle with the hat. With Nick Waller, film maker. Sketch by a girl, Peta Bridle, that photographed us at the time.


VICKY OCT 2013 VICKY B.MUSEUM 19-10-2013 Vicky Oct. 2013 (British Museum)

5am delight!


EINSTEIN: “It’s not that I am smart. But it is that I have learnt how to live with a problem for longer”     Pic: Tarkovsky’s ‘Stalker’



25th September 2014   The march of the cranes passing my abode25-9-2014  3 CRANES 12-5-2017       In alignment with the sun

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