Thornhill Farm, Stearsby, York YO61 4SB


Lord Mark Teverson owned the leasehold and was master 1975-77

Smallholding North Yorkshire. 6 bedroom farmhouse with approx. one acre & barns

15 miles north of York, near Barnsby, half way between York and Helmsley, which is near to Pickering, on t’moors

  I made this sign in 1975 & it’s still there! (click on the pic to enlarge it)                (pic 2011 – downloaded from a local estate agent’s website)

Organised many events including holidays for children from York Battered Wives

        Psychadelic goats. Magic mushrooms



This is a weather vane I made. It’s fret sawed from hardboard.

It shows me (on top) and my friends at the farm     (Click your mouse on the pic) Emma (My French whore), 2 pixs of me – Angel & crapping, completing the cycle – other friends xx

The saga of the swarming bees. We got some hives in Spring 1975. I was a complete novice at beekeeping When a hive gets too busy, they make a second queen and swarm. It’s important to catch them very soon after swarming, otherwise you loose them. I enlisted a friend from nearby Easingwold (he turned out to be a gunrunner for the IRA). He went up the ladder with a box and a bat. I was holding the ladder. He wacked the branch – the bees missed the box, and 50,000 bees landed on my head             (Click your mouse on the pic to see some of those bees)

I made this kickwheel for throwing pots. Nice idea. 

During my 2nd year at university (aged 19), I was becoming increasingly disaffected with academic life. Finding the empty farm in february 1975, I decided to leave university and start the farm along alternative methods (I returned to do my final year 2 years later). My mother took the trouble to come up from Canterbury at Christmas 1975 to try to dissuade me. My father never bothered, saying to his motor business colleagues that I was wasting my time keeping goats.

Started the York Pottery on Heslington Road York 1978 (See ‘Ceramics‘) & postgrad in ceramics and chemistry education, Got awarded an MA (Research)(RCA) – (then, the most prestgeious art college in the world

In the middle of nowhere. The silence was deafening 

I put the iron frames of some old upright pianos on Thorn Hill to make an orchestra of aeolian harps