This is the reference kindly written by Dr. Marc Sarzi at Herts. University. I did a placement in the astrophysics dept. Sept – Dec 2011 on Supermassive Black Holes. It was very influential in my subsequently gaining an unconditional offer on Jan 19th 2012 to do postgraduate study at Queen Mary, University of London, a very good department! Go to astophysics and dissertation

Hi Mark,
Yes sure, I’ll be glad to support your application for further research
As for what you have achieved I would rephrase it as follows:

During your placement you have succeeded in estimating the velocity dispersions of the nuclear stellar cluster in the galaxy NGC278, by matching a spectrum obtained for it with the Hubble Space Telescope with that of a template star that was taken with the same instrument and which was optimally broadened according to a Gaussian line-of-sight velocity distribution (LOSVD) centered around the receding velocity of NGC278. By sampling such LOSVD with 100 evenly-spaced velocity values, for any given value of the Gaussian width for the LOSVD (sigma) the kinematic broadening of the stellar template was obtained by adding together 100 copies of the template spectrum, after each of these was redshifted by one of the velocity values sampling our LOSVD and given in the sum the Gaussian weight corresponding to that particular velocity value. With such kinematic-broadening procedure in place, you have then estimated the best value of the Gaussian LOSVD width (or sigma) by varying its value until the corresponding broadened stellar template spectrum best matched the spectrum of the nuclear cluster of NGC278, while excluding in this process spectral regions potentially affected by nebular emission (such as the Ha line of the Hydrogen Balmer series)


This is the reference from my supervisor at York University, Professor John Lindsay-Smith, for MSc astrophysics at Queen Mary, University of London. He also gave me a reference for Master of Studies at Oxford University for Philosophy of Physics


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June 2013  Preparation for dissertation