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Mark Teverson    FRAS MA MSc PGCE BA

Currently, doctorate studies for a PhD in theoretical physics

Research, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

Dept. of Mathematics and Quantum Technologies, York University


Philosophy, Fine art, Astrophysics & Community



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MA Philosophy; MSc Astrophysics

PHILOSOPHY  and ASTROPHYSICS have their own posts on this site. SOHO FOUNDRY has its own site.

12th September 2017 Tyler’s Court, Berwick Street, Soho, today. Outside my front door Tyler's Court, Berwick Street 12-9-2017

26th July 2017 Moved my piano for the 2nd time in 4 days to a shed at 01zero-one audio-visual studios at the Peter Street site near my flat on Berwick Street, hopefully the site whereby the Soho Foundry will shortly evolve. It had been stored at my sister Zoe’s house in West Wickham, Kent. The piano was given to my mother on her 9th birthday in 1937. Pictures show its current home, and with Zoe at the Foundry in 1999.

Piano & Zoe, Foundry 1999     Piano 26-7-2017

1st December 2016 Received unconditional offer of MSc by Research in `Foundations of Quantum Mechanics’ at York University, Mathematics and Quantum Technologies dept. Supervised by Prof. Paul Busch. This represents the first year of a PhD, and will enable me to transfer relatively easily to a PhD in a similar research area at, say, a good London university. I’m over the moon!  I’ve been working up to this for ~ 4 years. My academic life since September 2011 involved the following:

  • York University, MSc (research) leading to PhD, commenced 2017. Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information
  • Open University, 2015-7. Modules in quantum mechanics, relativity, maths and physics
  • Birkbeck, University of London, MA philosophy, 2014 -5. Dissertation – Philosophy of quantum mechanics
  • Queen Mary, University of London, MSc astrophysics, 2012-3. Dissertation – Multiverse
  • Hertfordshire university, 2011. Placement, astrophysics

The research position commences October 2017, when I’ll have finished my current modules in quantum mechanics and relativity.

The research area, `Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Communications’, relates directly to my dissertations in Philosophy (taught MA) The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics' and Astrophysics (taught MSc) `A Multiverse Review with special reference to the Cosmological Constant’.

11th March 2016  West End Extra local newspaper today, Friday.Front page and page 2. This follows a meeting arranged by myself on behalf of Berwick Street Community Group and the reporter Alina Polianskaya, with Robin Scott of the Soho Dairy stall and SohoSt, at 8 Berwick Street, on Tuesday this week (see photo below).

A few days ago, many market traders were given sudden notice that their contracts are terminated on June 30th. The rental of the stall pitches will then be administered by a private contractor. There is no statement of the rents for the pitches after 30th June, and certainly no discussion currently with the existing stallholders. (Click on pics to enlarge).

WE Extra market 1 11-3-2016  WE Extra 2 11-3-2016

This is very worrying for the traders on this historic market, and Berwick Street in general. It is further anonymous gentrification of Soho, with no discussion with the community.

7th February 2016. Go to http://sohofoundry.org/ for current activity.

28th December 2015 Incorporated Soho  Productions Ltd. CEO Mark Teverson. Pilot for TV production, ‘The Cannibal Party’, a black comedy. Poster (small)

3rd October 2015  Started a degree with the Open University in Maths & Physics. Mainly online, and to improve my level in quantum mechanics and relativity, and the maths behind them. Made contact with academic graduate admissions at Georgia State university, Atlanta USA, dept. of astronomy, re: PhD. Sandra Pagan lives in Atlanta.

1st October 2015

Wanna? wanna?

14th August 2015  Bugger off!!  WE EXTRA 14-8-2015                              (Click on this to enlarge)

30th June 2015  The view from my flat 6am today  TRENCHARD 30-6-2015

29th June2015 Soho does not have, or want, a “High Street” – & definitely not Berwick Street!  90-104 Berwick St. 29-6-2015  Have you walked Berwick Street recently? Took them 9 months to lay 100 yards of road. Now, the development of the western side of the lower end will be 5 years development into bijou shops, expensive offices & another unwanted 5* hotel! No residents wanted this. All the little shops have gone. Is Soho worth saving anymore? Leave the capitalists, tourists and the wannabee ‘Soho Creatives’ to their nightmare!

10th June 2015 My Big Zero birthday party, at The Vault, Milroy’s, Greek Street, Soho

PARTY 1 10-6-2015   PARTY 6 10-06-2015  PARTY 13 10-06-2015PARTY 8 10-06-2015  VAULT, MILROYS 1  THE VAULT, MILROYS 2 (entrance to The Vault in the basement through a bookcase at the rear of Milroy’s).


1st March 2015  Emerging from the Shadow  Vicky & me March 2015

22nd February 2015 Chinese New Year of the Sheep (with Rebecca Feiner, Andy Bartolo, Dave Brown (graffic artist), Paul Roundhill) DREAM OF SHEEP  Chinese Shaftesbury Ave.

December 2014   Started ‘La Peine’ (The Trouble) meeting group, Friday afternoons, Coach & Horses, Greek Street, Soho.

December 2014 Sandra Pagan with me from Atlanta, Georgia. Happy!  Sandra & Mark Rhythm Factory 1 18-12-2014  Sandra roof 19-12-2014

24th September 2014    Meeting with Peter Large, Head of Legal & Democratic Affairs, Westminster council. Discussing the nomination of the proposed Soho Foundry site as an asset of community value. We would expect the council to support our application, but it could be opposed by the freeholders, Westminster Kingsway College. If registered successfully, the community would have up to 6 months to raise funds to purchase the site. It also has an entry on the land registry that it is nominated as an ACV (Asset of Community Value). My concern is that, should the Tories remain in power following next year’s general election, they may relax the planning regulations. Currently, the Peter Street site is educational planning use, and is of little interest to a commercial developer. If this restriction were relaxed, say to mixed use – for example, ground floor retail and private flats on the upper floors – a sale could be envisaged. I am trying to protect this site from possible redevelopment, which I believe is the ultimate intention of the freeholders. The college was originally built as a school in 1880 and has been an educational establishment continuously since then. We want to make the main college building into Soho Workshops, start-up short light industrial leases for local businesses and artisans, and the Schoolkeeper’s House into Soho Foundry, community art gallery, family cafe and outside event space.

24th August 2014    Incorporated Soho Foundry London Ltd. Mark Teverson sole director

21st May 2014  Now preparing to study MA Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London starting September 2014. This complements my MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London last year. I aim to commence a doctorate in Philosophy of Cosmology in 2015, and start a new book.

Birkbeck College, University of London  QMUL logo

PHILOSOPHY  has its own post on this site

Lord Mark Teverson

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WALKERS COURT MAY 2014  WALKERS COURT MAY 2014  Pix Mark Puertolas                                                                    Walkers Court, Soho. Feb 2013 and May 2014 (25 yards from my flat) (Click on these pix)

19th April 2014      Berwick Street Record Store festival (note the Prince of Soho AKA the Beast of Berwick Street, pic No 2)

DUCK LANE 19-4-2014  BROADWICK ST 4  Berwick Street Record Store festival  BERWICK ST 2

October 2013      Now, a few weeks relaxing, and what next?

31st October 2012                                                                                                                                                        We are the dust of burnt out stars. Supernovae…………. This is a wall in Chinatown, London, pic taken in the early ’80’s. I thought it was some stoned hippy’s spraycan doodling at first. Then I realised what it meant. Now I’m doing research in astrophysics and the evolution of the universe and humankind


October 2012 

21st September 2012  West End Extra (local London newspaper) today                                          www.foundrysoho.com


Tuesday 18th September 2012

Meeting with journalist re: Soho Foundry and the demolition of that proposed listed building. Get West End Extra (local free newspaper) on Friday 21st September


Tuesday, 21st August 2012

Go to Soho Foundry/21st August 2012 for information on the sub-committee meeting at Westminster City Hall. This post also looks at the case for listing the building proposed for the Soho Foundry as Grade II on the basis of its age and historical context


Monday 23rd July 2012

Went to the Royal Astronomical Society (see pix) library. I was made a fellow on 18th May 2012. Also went to RoyalAcademy, which is also in Burlington House, Piccadilly. This is Michaelangelo’s Taddei Tondo (Madonna & child with the infant St John) 


Friday, 20th July 2012

See www.foundrysoho.com for current situation. Something is  rotten in the state of Denmark……


Saturday, 7th July 2012

Went to the Royal Society Summer Science Fair with my chum Dave Brown. This is the library ceiling 

Wednesday, 4th July 2012

At last! Contact from Westminster planning department that we will have news regarding the planning application for Soho Foundry. The application was submitted 5 months ago!

Today is a big day for our relation to our universe. CERN reports on the Higg’s boson


Friday 1st June 2012

  MY BACK ALLEY THIS MORNING. The day before the dreaded Jubilee 4 days of torture. Notice the bedraggled bunting


Friday 18th May 2012

I am now a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Socety (FRAS)                                                                            The Roundel of the Society incorporates the motto of Sir William Herschel, its first president: quicquid nitet notandum (whatever shines should be observed).


Sunday 6th May 2012 – Bank holiday weekend

Application for change of use for Soho Foundry still ‘pending’, but the first stage should be completed within this month. Following that is a ‘full committee’ meeting, where we can have one of the West End councilors and myself able to speak on behalf of our application. There are interesting developments regarding propositions available to be made to the freeholders. Watch this space, and www.foundrysoho.com


Friday 13th April 2012

Letter in West End Extra today, along with quote in Zilli front page article (see BSCG)

Breaking news 12th April 2012

To be confirmed……….  The Attlee Youth Project, started in March 1980 by Mark Teverson, is understood to have finally closed earlier this month. These sources are currently uncorroborated. The use of the site freehold  -Postal address now: 5 Thrawl Street E1 6RT –  is understood to still be held by the Attlee Foundation.

After 33 years serving the young people of East London. RIP



Wrote to local newspaper West End Extra with regard to problems on Berwick Street



Finally returned home from a marathon 23 hour journey from Tramore. Tramore is a small fishing town on the Southern Irish Atlantic coast, 14 miles south of Waterford. Encountered a good deal of bizarre Irish mentality! Goto SCRAPBOOK


SUNDAY 11th MARCH 2012

Made a clock today(see SCRAPBBOOK). This sits beside the orrery (an astrolabe of the solar system) I made in Nov 2010 (see STUFF). The orrery was a lot more fiddly



Sent facebook messages to some chums asking for suggestions of journos they may know who could do a report on the anticipated problem of gaining a lease for the SOHO FOUNDRY from the reluctant freeholders. This is Westminster Kingsway Further Education College Corporation, a private company difficult to trace. They tried to sell the entire site in 2008 but were blocked by Westminster council on the grounds that it should be for public use and it is in a conservation area. Our planning application for a community arts centre/event space & cafe should be approved. Our entrance is entirely separate to the college, and we propose to share outside basement space not currently used. We would pay rent and rates, and provide a valuable community resource not currently available. The idea of using some space in the main college building as SOHO WORKSHOPS for start-up artisan style studios has been proposed. The fact that a public facility has been sold for profit and now being in private hands is not now available to the community for whom it was originally built, and is left derelict for 23 years, must be exposed.


Any suggestions, please contact me. Goto: www.foundrysoho.com/publicity



No comment yet from Westminster planning dept. on SOHO FOUNDRY. The application for change of use to community art gallery/event space & cafe by BERWICK STREET COMMUNITY GROUP was validated (ie. accepted) on 22nd February. The process usually takes 2-3 months. Likewise, there has been no comment from the freeholders, Westminster Kingsway College.

Have just returned from a short break in Llanidloes, Powis, mid Wales. Goto SCRAPBOOK for pics. Llanidloes is a small town in the valleys, famous for its role in the Chartist riots of 1839 which occurred at what is now the Trewythen hotel on Great Oak Street.  This is currently closed and for sale. I stayed in Victoria Square opposite the hotel. The mountains are stunning, and I managed two long hikes with my chum Julian Stafford-Michael.

Ib Arberg 1970 chair dismantled! See SCRAPBOOK.



3 a night, no hookers


21st December 2014 Sandra Pagan. The most beautiful girl in the world! Sandra 1987 Vogue


CONTACT:       markteverson@sohoarts.co.uk          markteverson@berwickcommunity.co.uk



Commenced research studies at York university in Autumn 2017 in Foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information. This complements my previous two taught masters in astrophysics (Queen Mary, dissertation on the multiverse) and philosophy (Birkbeck, dissertation on quantum mechanics), and some maths and physics modules at the Open University. This research at York is formally a masters, which leads on to the doctorate. The PhD will probably be completed at a London university.

My supervisor from September 2017, Professor Paul Busch, suddenly passed away from a stroke on June 9th 2018. This was the day after I had my laryngectomy, an operation that removed my vocal chords, which was performed in order to cut away throat cancer. I then spent a month in hospital. I have just completed (September 2018) 6 weeks of radiotherapy and the side effects are severe. The university have granted me 6 months leave of absence, but I am keen to spend my enforced increased time at home on doctorate studies.

Paul Busch was a wonderful man.

My new supervisor at York is Dr Stefan Weigert,

Documents so far written (September 2018) are:

  • The Problem of Time, (September 2018) (Unfinished, not proofed)
  • Bell’s theorem (Submitted 15th August 2018)
  • Entanglement Measures, (Submitted 29th July 2018)
  • 10-5-2018 (Submitted 9th May 2018)
  • York 5-3-2018 (Submitted 5th March 2018)

The area I am particularly interested in is my proposition that, at the quantum level, time does not exist. The specific area of entanglement, whereby the paradox of correlation upon measurement between distant entangled particles is instantaneous, may be an explanation to this dilemma by this approach to time. Julian Barbour seems to be the only author I have so far discovered working in related areas, but – even he recognises –  does not offer any satisfying statements. I would be particularly thankful for any guidance to other authors or alternative strategies.

Some pertinent literature (click on the title):


“Because the time parameter in the Schrödinger equation is not observable, energy apparently obeys a superselection rule in the same sense that charge does. That is, observabies must all commute with the Hamiltonian and hence be stationary. This means that it is consistent with all observations to assume that any closed system such as the Universe is in a stationary state. We show how the observed dynamic evolution of a system can be described entirely in terms of stationary observables as a dependence upon internal clock readings”

A review of some basic facts of classical dynamics shows that time, or precisely duration, is redundant as a fundamental concept. Duration and the behaviour of clocks emerge from a timeless law that governs change



La Peine is the description for a loose collection of artists and activists meeting weekly in the West End. Mark originally started La Peine (approx. translation, ‘Trouble’) in June 2015 at the Coach & Horses, Greek Street, Soho. Now at the Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Sreet, Soho from August 2018, it has a new lease of life!


The amygdala is a part of the brain involved in the processing of emotions such as fear, anger, and pleasure, and the memories of them

La Peine

2nd September 2016.  In just two meetings, La Peine produced a flurry of interaction on many projects.

Per ardua ad astra – “Through adversity to the stars”!

• Soho Pop-up galleries. A coordinated approach to short term licenced use of shops and other space in the West End, which is awaiting a new longterm leaseholder.
• Placing of songs with specific cowriters and publishers
• Food for homeless in Ladbroke Grove
• Strategy in NHS workplace disputes
• Gossip about recent, local art shows
• A personal contact with an A-list celebrity with a view to an interview for a biography on a well known film director

Kevin 1  31-8-2018


7th September 2018. The 3rd meet of The Troublemakers of La Peine! 1  Today was also a day of celebration for Mark, as he had just completed a 6 week course of radiotherapy. This daily regime leaves one feeling pretty rough due to a whole bunch of side effects, which includes not being able to eat. But fluids are OK, as long as the morphine’s on tap! Pictured here is Mark’s new sex-chum (the blue one on the left), the mask used in the treatment.  g  Hours of fun await back home!

The radiation seems to be changing me in some unforeseen ways ……. It’s a tough life being a Superhero

DC  b


14th  September 2018

Gideon exposes his Snaak to the group https://www.snaakshop.com/  SNAAK - GIDEONGideon




The Powis Square showing of Performance on Wednesday 12th was well attended by La Peine enthusiasts, but chaotic. Powis Sq 12-9-18-page-001Performance The film’s directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg. Nick’s interest being his forthcoming biography on Nicolas Roeg, on which Adu has offered some contacts. Nick’s script on Peter Ackroyd’s Hawksmoor is also the focus for discussion with Roeg and Cammell.  James Fox, lead actor in Performance, also plays Mr Rabbit (or is he/she?), a baddie in the 2013-14 TV series Utopia, which was also discussed in this La Peine.   Anne Powis Sq Anne Pigalle on Wednesay

Ginty (not in the below picture of 14th September) remarked she was ‘There’, at the original 1970 Performance filming!

La Peine 14-9-2018

After over 4 hours, I was feeling pretty grotty, so I made my apologies early. ANNE PIG 1 14-9-18

Next week’s turnout looks good – maybe we’ll need a bigger venue! Blue Posts


Yo may also be inrerested in perusing:


21st  September 2018

The 5th meet of the radical Troublemakers!


Blue Posts 1 14-9-2018  Blue Posts 3 14-9-2018

Despite the inclement weather, the La Peine army grows!



18 Sydenham Park Road. London SE26 4ED (pix 1958)

          Pic 2011 

My parents bought this 6 bedroom house with a massive garden in Sydenaham SE26 in 1958 with an inheritance from my mother’s father. She paid the deposit and all the first two years mortgage payments. Divorce proceedings commenced after 5 years of marriage, which was still  very taboo in 1960. However, she did not require the photos of her constantly being black and blue, or witnesses to her being unable to be seen in public. The divorce went through uncontested on the grounds of extreme cruelty.

However, John never paid a penny in maintenance, as ordered by the court. I was the poor kid at school. He wanted to buy my mother out of her share of the house when he wanted to remarry in the 1970s. I have all their letters confirming the arrangement; a small sum (about £1500), her dropping any claims on maintenance (which would have been £10,000s) and a guarantee John would write a will giving me the house on the passing of his second wife. This was by far the most important feature of this settlement – she wanted to look after me, despite the horrendous conditions he’d subjected her to. John did not ensure my mother was legally advised, as he was obliged to have done – but she didn’t believe for a minute that even John would not look after his first born son!

When my mother passed in 2006, I read the correspondence between my parents in the 1970s. Even though both my parents had told me I’d inherit the house – or a large share of the current value of 18 Sydenham Park Road, I rang Jenny and asked respectfully if I could see the will. She said he’d made no will! This has now turned into fraud.

Ironically, Zoe and Paul are the sole beneficiaries to my estate in my will!

That John had made no will was devastating news, as it meant that everything went to Jenny, and on her passing, everything goes to her children, Zoe and Paul. I sent Zoe in 2010 all the correspondence between my parents; she didn’t read them. I wrote to Jenny in 2017, but she did not reply. Jenny passed in 2018. Zoe and Paul again had copies of the correspondence, but their solicitors said my mother had been reimbursed (£1500!) and it was her fault the marriage broke down – even though the divorce certificate cited extreme cruelty (i.e. violence) by John! My solicitor says that  Zoe and Paul would have to live their (luxurious) lives in moral guilt, knowing they are complicit to a fraud and beneficiaries of it, and we should take them to court for, what amounts to 59% of the current value (~ £1.6 million) + costs. I receive full costs as I am on state benefit (ironically, my throat cancer was caused by extreme secondary smoking from my father when I was a very young child!)

The agreement between my parents in 1976 was that qhen John’s second wife, Jenny passed away, this matter would be settled. Jenny passed awat in January 2018, but Zoe and Paul refuse to honour this. They know it is fraud and they have benefited from it. If I take them to court, they will lose an awful lot more – it would be so much more sensible to reach an amicable solution, but they refuse to discuss this with me (funny – I can’t speak!).

I am very sick due to cancer, which they are well aware of, and I would prefer not to have to endure pursuit of this legally. Even getting out of my house is an ordeal due to my mobility disability. I live 4 flights up with no lift, and cabs can’t get to my house.

Why has such greed and evil grown in my family?


Click twice on the garden pic to see me & aunty Jo (who lived in the attic flat). My father sold the house soon after he remarried to downsize to 17 Woodmere Way, and then a further downsize to 25 Hambro Ave. At each downsizing, there were cash windfalls each time of approx. £700,000 which went into trust for Zoe and Paul.


I should state another couple of pertinent examples. My mother’s baby grand piano, given her on her 9th birthday in 1937 and bequethed to me in her will, and a Graham Sutherland original painting given me on my christening, September 1955. Even my violin!  All of these I had to struggle to take them back from Zoe! How low can you get?


Click SOHO FOUNDRY , a separate web site devoted to this project on Peter Street Soho, London W1. Proposed opening late 2015.  foxtons-4

This project is dynamic right now, December 2014. Watch this space – posting on SOHO FOUNDRY will change frequently

Soho Foundry London Ltd. incorporated August 2014. MD Mark Teverson


We want to put a replica of this English Heritage plaque on our proposed building in Soho, London.                  The original Soho Foundry was in Smethwick, Birmingham                            Below are pix of the Soho Foundry, Smethwick         (Click on a pic to enlarge it)


Pic taken from a train window 6th March 2012


Current situation, Application to Westminster City Council for the entire site (ie. Schoolkeeper’s House, college building and all land) to register Berwick Street Community Group to have first option to purchase on the register of assets of community value. This nomination will be forwarded to Peter Large, Head of Legal and Democratic Services during October 2014.

February 2013 Appeal on planning use submitted 15th February 2013. Support from Westminster councilors, press and Soho Society expected, revitalised by the planning departments support for the application and the knowledge that our A3 use with ancillary cafe will NOT contribute to stress in the Soho area.

October 2012…….  Exciting developments! Go to Soho Foundry, current post

April 2012 …..The planning application for change of use was validated by Westminster council planning department (22nd February 2012). A decision will take a further 3 months. To inspect our application, goto Westminster planning applications, search the Soho Foundry postcode W1F 0HS. Goto the Soho Foundry website

12/01059/FULL | Use as community art gallery (Class D1) and ancillary café (Class A3). | School Keepers House 15 Peter Street London W1F 0HS

Proposed opening 2015 pending negotiation with freeholders

Pic Jack Ludlam  www.londonpaparazzi.com

More pics to follow during 2014. Goto SOHO FOUNDRY (the main site)


CONTACT:       markteverson@sohoarts.co.uk          markteverson@berwickcommunity.co.uk


For the time being, this post will start at the date of my accepting the MA at Birbeck. Hence, the latest comment will be at the END of the post

21st May 2014  Got a place to study MA Philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London starting October 2014. This complements my MSc in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London last year.

Birkbeck College, University of London  QMUL logo

Birkbeck College, University of London

Queen Mary, University of London 

13th June 2015 First draft of my dissertation, “The Measurement Problem of Quantum Mechanics”.

22nd May 2014  Met with Dr. George Darby at 26 Russell Square, WC1. He has interests in metaphysics and philosophy of physics. We discussed possible topics for my MA dissertation at Birkbeck next year, and we discussed my MSc dissertation at Queen Mary, particularly those relating to quantum mechanics and philosophy, highlighting the Everett hypotheses.

 8th August 2014  Background reading. Many students on my upcoming MA Philosophy will have done a BA in philosophy. Students like myself without that formal academic background do the double module, ‘Introduction to Philosophy’. I am already considering topics for a dissertation. I want to nail down a topic before Christmas, because if I am to apply to Oxford for the prestigious MSt (Master of Studies) at Oxford (application deadline mid-January) I would want to quote the title and abstract. This course has only 4 places per year, and is the best in the world on philosophy of physics, and has something like 200 applicants per year! I corresponded with David Wallace at Balliol last year, and he encouraged me to apply.

I will probably choose quantum mechanics – indeterminacy, entanglement, consciousness…..

Provisional title:

Philosophy & Quantum Mechanics:

Metaphysical Indeterminacy and Consciousness

Unfortunately, Dr. George Darby , who I met in May, has left Birkbeck and has not been replaced by anyone specifically qualified in philosophy of physics. I also met Dr Robert Northcott on 17th July, and he believes there will be no problem of supervision within the Birkbeck philosophy department.

21 August 2015 Submitted my MA Philosophy dissertation, titled, “The Measurement Problem in Quantum Mechanics”. This was supervised by Dr. Robert Northcott, and is a major area within the Philosophy of Physics.

The abstract for this ~12,000 word paper is:

The measurement problem is fundamental as an insight to the quantum world. I shall cite thought experiments, as well as actual and suggested laboratory experiments, that illustrate the problem of the transition from a quantum system to the classical world by the process of decoherence, apparently only at the instant of measurement. The basic mathematical background that formalises this phenomenon is required to be stated throughout the paper in order to properly examine the abstract nature of what is going on, and I have referenced this at Measurement problem in QM. I shall cite some attempts to explain the measurement problem, and I shall argue for my two favoured views, which are the radically different hypotheses of Bohr’s decoherence and Everett’s Many Worlds, but it is my contention that we are missing something fundamental in our understanding of 20th Century physics.


18th September 2018    Goto Quantum Mechanics

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